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tv   Today  NBC  March 31, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. states of emergency. rivers are still rising all across the northeast leaving some of the worst flooding in more than 100 years. in some towns things are about to get even worse. party time? the republican national committee blasted for questionable spending. thousands of dollars on lavish transportation, hotels, even a party at a bondage theme nightclub. this morning, rnc chairman michael steele's reaction to the controversy. and the temptation of tiger woods. as the golf superstar gets set to return to competition, new claims that he hasn't been
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truthful about members of his inner circle and what they knew about his affairs "tod," wednesday, march 31st, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> in for meredith, i'm ann curry. the rain is slowly tapering off. that's good news here in the northeast. but as you can see from live pictures from rhode island, it is not good news because the flute something just not over. >> the pawtuxet river there is at a record 20 feet this morning and still rising. that's more than ten feet above where it normally is. president obama issued an emergency declaration in that state last night. states of emergency have also been declared in parts of connecticut and massachusetts. we have extensive coverage coming up on this situation in just a couple of minutes. >> very dramatic images.
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also ahead, a tragic story in florida. an infant 2-year-old boy and his mother shot by accident as police opened fire on a suspected bank robber and car jacker. that suspect was killed but this morning the toddler is in critical condition. the latest on this story is coming up. a troubling trend called trolling. that is when families in mourning over tragic losses of loved ones are bombarded with anonymous hateful, hurtful messages online. officials say there is almost nothing they can do about it. more on that in just a couple of minutes. but we want to begin with the historic flooding here in the northeast. we have three reports starting with nbc's mike taibbi who is in winchester, massachusetts. mike, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. how are you? winchester is a bedroom community eight miles north of boston, delug by the big storm two weeks ago in what was then record flooding and now more punishment for a whole region after a season of weather misery.
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it's the second watery wallop this month for the already-waterlogged northeast. record-setting rain from maine to pennsylvania. in massachusetts, it's been the wettest three-week stretch, more than 13 inches of rain, in 100 years. in cranston, rhode island, they got to safety by inflatable or by jet ski. some were rescued from cars. hundreds were forced to leave their homes to the rising floodwaters. many schools closed and turned into temporary shelters. >> this is the worst in all the years i've lived in this town. i've lived here all my life. >> reporter: there is a destruction that's plain to see. rivers, ponds, lakes and spillways overrunning their banks with the dams and other man-made controls designed to handle nature's excesses. but every effort seems evil against the onslaught. >> definitely won't stop it but hopefully will slow it down. >> reporter: streets and even stretches of highways so badly flooded they were impassable for
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hours. and then there is the damage that's harder to see but no less destructive -- wells contaminated or septic sanction breached. . foundations of hundreds, if not thousands of homes and buildings saturated to the point of total loss. in cranston, for example, some agreed to voluntary evacuation but others did not, hoping against hope they won't hear what will likely be terrible news. >> i think when they cut the pouter off we'll end up having to take the rest of them out. it is will be mandatory, the building will be condemned. >> reporter: it's been a state of emergency that's had millions in a state of disbelief. >> absolutely crazy. you know? very frustrating, upsetting. >> reporter: as one exhausted rescue worker put it, mother nature's in charge now. there's not much we can do about it. of all the rainfall records being broken, some stand out. in philadelphia, for example, a one-year record for rainfall -- 62.2 inches. that is more than five feet, not of snow, but of rain. amazing.
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ann, back to you. >> mike taibbi, thanks so much. the weather channel's mike seidel is in hard-hit cranston, rhode island this morning. mike, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, ann. behind me is the pawtuxet river. it's taken out four to five city blocks. this is a crest now, a record-setting 26.67 feet, 12 feet above flood stage and 5 1/2 feet higher than just a couple of weeks ago. it's also shut down part of i-95. neighborhoods surrounding this area around the bridge have been evacuated, 200 homes, some for the second time in two weeks. this time around the water's much higher. water now not only in basements but first floors of homes. in nearby warwick, 100 businesses have flooded and have been cleared out. yesterday, heavy rainfall, rushing water everywhere. look at pictures across southern new england. three storms unprecedented, three storms in about three weeks. they've never seen that kind of action this time of year in the cold weather season. on monday it was tropical moisture coming up from the
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bahamas. on tuesday, a power outage situation. some spots getting ten inches of rain. in providence now, the wettest march on record, over 16 inches of rain. four times their average. they picked up nine inches of rain in just the past couple of days. the rain is over but many residents here are wondering when their 40 days and 40 nights in march will come to an end. this morning late word that a sewage treatment has failed in nearby warwick sending sewage into the nearby by. this river will crest later this morning but will not go below flood stage until some time after easter sunday. >> mike seidel, thanks so much. looks like the rescuers are doing a good job there. >> they're trying their best. mike says the rain is over in cranston, rhode island. let's find out when it will be over for everyone in this area. nbc meteorologist bill karins is in for al this morning. >> the march lion continues to spin. this storm actually hasn't moved away.
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it's actually weakened right over the top of new england. it is still spinning here, just light rain left over this morning, heaviest stuff is up in maine. the flooding situation is going toet better as we head towards the weekend. it is really rhode island that we saw the unprecedented rainfall totals. we mentioned, over 16 inches of rain. i want to compare that to the last four years just to give you an idea. they only usually get three to four inches of rain. at most, they had six in 2007. so this was four times the normal average. that's why we are seeing this unprecedented over 100-year flood. as far as the forecast goes, this is where the sunshine returns, this is where the april warmth will be so appreciated. temperatures will be up into the 60s by friday. weekend and easter sunday could be in the 70s with sunshine. but they'll still be dealing with flooding into the weekend for everyone who has their basements still full of water. >> thanks, bill. we'll get your local forecast in a couple of minutes. now to politics where the republican national committee is in damage control mode. a new report outlines the rnsc'
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spending. >> reporter: the rnc has fired the staffer who helped organize the $2,000 visit to the sex theme club in hollywood. the rnc says michael steele knew nothing about the event and despite calls for him to resign when asked if steele would step down, an advisor tells nbc news, absolutely not. critics say it gives new meaning to republicans' grand old party. $17,000 for private planes. $13,000 for limos. $35,000 for luxury hotels. and nearly $2,000 for a donor afterparty at a lesbian theme ghtcb for men that features topless dancers. >> this is a party, the republican party, is trying to make the claim they'd be better fiscal stewards right now when they are running up massive
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bills on private jets and limos and questionable entertainment. >> reporter: rnc chairman michael steele has now fired allison meyers, a 24-year-old staffer who headed their young eagles donor program. she initially approved the expense at the risque nightclub voyeur. but the daily caller, an online news site founded by conservatives that broke the story, now reports two top rnc officials also signed off on the expense. >> when a request for reimbursement like this gets paid out and more senior people check off on it, you get a bit of a whiff of scapegoating when the 24-year-old gets fired and the senior people who signed off on it are still there. >> reporter: expenditures are raising new questions about michael steele's leadership as chairman. minnesota's governor tim pawlenty on msnbc's "daily run rundown." >> i think that should be looked at. >> reporter: over the past
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decade, the rnc has vastly outraised the dnc. but no longer. now the democrats have more money in the bank. >> republicans want to make the 2010 election a referendum on president obama. the more negative information that exists out there about republicans, whether it is michael steele or other people, the more difficult that is. >> reporter: a spokes man for the rnc suggests democrats, too, spend lavishly at luxury hotels as part of fund-raising. still, the rnc admits it is embarrassed about these charges at the hollywood club and wants to "put this behind us." >> norah o'donnell, thank you. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." david, good morning. the republican national committee says steele did not attend this event, nor was he even aware of the trip. a staffer has been fired. still, how big of a problem is this for michael steele? >> well, i think a few of those voices in norah o'donnell's piece referred to, this is a big distraction. this is now another issue for the rnc that michael steele has to answer for. he's had a lot of comments that have gotten him in hot water
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over a period of time, and this really goes to his overall management of the rnc. no, he wasn't involved in this particular incident, he's not going to be aware of all the accounting that goes on forhe rnc, but there are republicans who are -- people close to steele, and others who say there is much too much spending that goes on, particularly at a time -- and this is important -- when the fund-raising is trailing behind previous years. that's a serious issue. >> talk about that. actual we have a graphic that the republican national committee has rsed just over $100 million under steele term in office compared to over $400 million two years ago. so how might this affect the fall elections, very important elections, david? >> right. you have to put it into some context that in an on-year eltion in 2008, you'll have a lot more interest, and raise a lot more money. but republicans i've talked to say, still, in this environment right now, where there is so much opposition to president obama's policies, it is a great fund-raising environment that the rnc should be doing a lot better. now the rnc would say, look,
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we're doing pretty well with these low-dollar figures, contributions. but it is still those major donors who are staying away from adding to the coffers of the rnc in major numbers. a lot feel like that's a failing of steele's stewardship. >> is his job in jeopardy? yes or no. >> it doesn't appear to be at this point. there is certainly a sizable base in the republican community which includes consultants and other members of the rnc down the line and across the states who don't think he's doing a very good job. but replacing him doesn't seem like an on news thing to do right now in terms of having a candidate and he appears to be okay for now. >> meantime, there is a link now on the republican national committee website, official website, to a fire nancyelosi web page that was launched last sunday. it's raised over $1.5 million for the republicans. so what does this say, david, about this anger that's now
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brewing in the party? >> well, a couple of things. it shows you where the republican campaigning will be going on. you've heard sarah palin and other republicans talk about pelosi, reid and obama and their agenda. you're going to hear more vociferous argument from aps around the country saying you need a check and bance around the country. this is government run amok. you need to put republicans back in control of at least the house. again, the republican committee to would say, look, this is an example of small contributions really doing well under michael steele because they're making these kind of appeals and people are responding. >> david gregory, as always, thank you so much for your perspective. let us get now the rest of the morning's headlines. tamron hall's filling in at the news desk while ann is next to us here. tamron, good morning. good morning, everyone. today at the white house, a green light for some offshore oil drilling off the east coast to help reduce reliance on oil from overseas. nbc's white house correspondent savannah guthrie joins us. good morning, savannah. what is the president announcing? >> reporter: well, what he's
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announcing is a vast expansion potentially of offshore drilling. and where he is announcing it is important -- at andrews air force base because the white house is really trying to frame this as a way to reduce dependence on foreign oil, energy security, they call it. potentially the president's decision would open up large swaths of east coast, including off the coast of virginia to offshore drilling, northern coast of alaska, and also the eastern gulf of mexico. but the whole west coast would still be offlimits. the president is actually canceling some drilling that had been planned for environmentally sensitive partsf southwestern alaska. this is all part of the white house' plan to find middle ground on energy issues hoping they'll get a larger, comprehensive energy bill through congress. the u.s. is stepping up pressure on iran over its nuclear program. on tuesday, the president said he wants tougher u.n. sanctions against iran within weeks. the international atomic energy agency has said iran may be working to develop a nuclear
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armed missile. investigators are looking to a close call between a united airline 777 carrying 251 passengers and a small private plane near san francisco last weekend. officials say the two planes came within 300 feet vertically and 1,500 feet horizontally. the faa says it is taking strong measures to make sure a similar near-disaster does not happen again. in washington, d.c., three people are under arrest after police say someone opened fire into a crowd. a drive-by shooting left four people dead and five others wounded. in southern russia, two suicide bombers killed at least 12 people this morning and wounded more than 20 others. one of the bombers wore a police uniform. the blast came two days after this week's moscow subway bombings that killed at least 39 people. security has been tightened in moscow. overss markets are mostly higher this morning. cnbc's melissa lee is at the new york stock exchange. melissa, good morning. what is wall street watching today? >> good morning to you, tamron.
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a hopeful sign for the bulls after the closing bell yesterday. hon honeywell, the industrial and defense company cited economic recovery across its businesses. honeywell is a member of the dow so this could be a boost for the entire market today which happens to be the last day of the first quarter. by the way, we are on track for about a 6% gain in the first quarter. it will be the first gain for a first quarter in three years. >> all right, melissa. thank you. the teacher who inspired the film "stand and deliver" has died. she transformed a tough east los angeles high school by motivating struggling inner city students and became one of the country's most famous teachers. had he battled cancer. he was 79 years old. it is 7:16. back to matt, ann and bill. his legacy lives with those students. he was quoted as saying that movie was 10% drama but the 90% of it -- all real. >> talk about a life that's made a huge difference. thanks so much, tamron.
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bill karins is here. al continues on vacation this week. you've had a business wey week. >> still searching for that lamb. not even close. we're getting rid of the big storm in the northeast today. the middle of the country is maybe where the lamb is. that's where the beautiful whether will be. 80s from texas all the way up towards omaha. we'll be 72 in minneapolis. congratulations to everyone in the middle of the country. just beautiful early almost summer-like weather. the lion's roaring its ugly head though on the west coast with a storm moving in. even some of the rain making it to los angeles later today. be prepared for a windy conditions in a lot of spots and heavy mountainuntain s good morning. live view from the sky watcher camera with the sun up and a clear sky. a live picture over the potomac river. 50 degrees there. elsewhere in the 40s and will climb into the 60s. a wind to around 30 miles an
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hour will diminish. chilly tomorrow morng in the mid 40s, but on thursday into the 70s with lots o >> that's your wednesday forecast. a 2-year-old boy in florida is in critical condition this morning after he and his mother were accidentally shot by police as officers opened fire on a suspected car jacker. here's nbc's tom trom. >> reporter: after a barrage of bullets, there are questions now of whether jacksonville police used excessive force in trying to stop a carjacking and robbery suspect. >> 42 rounds were fired, and once we are able to get the officers' sides of the story, you'll have a better idea why some fired. >> reporter: police shot jeremiah mathis. he was caught on tape robbing a
7:19 am
bank. he then carjacked two kids and a drive-through. an innocent family was also hit. this 2-year-old was critically wounded, hit in his upper body and his arm. cell phone video shows first responders carrying him from the car. his mother was shot in the foot while bullets narrowly missed her stepdaughter. she released this statement from the hospital -- daniel remains in critical but thankfully stable condition and we remain hopeful that our little angel will pull through this. the suspect never fired his weapon. the sheriff is offering few details about why his officers fired more than 40 rounds. but he says his men are sorry. >> i can tell you, they're very upset. when they approached that car, and discovered those children in the back, and the woman who was shot in the foot, i can tell you it was very difficult for all the officers there. >> reporter: the toddler's father called the shooting reckless, especially with his
7:20 am
son in the back seat. >> very ridiculous. it's actually extremely ridiculous. it is crazy. >> reporter: the jacksonville branch of the naacp is calling for an independence investigation. members of the law enforcement community are asking for tience. all this as one family is asking for prayers for their little boy. for "today," nbc news. just ahead, is tiger woods telling the truth about keeping his affairs hidden from members of his inner circle? the new claims. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, the disturbing practice of trolling. we'll explore a cruel way that people who are coping with heartache are being targeted anonymously online. plus, much more on the historic flooding in the northeast and why things might be going from bad to worse in some areas. but first, your local news
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7:26 is the time. our top story it morning, the mass shooting on south capitol street, a car drove by, spraying a crowd withutts. 10 were hit and four are dead. police chased the suspect were four officers were injured in a crash. they are expected to be okay. police have three suspects in custody. the investigation is impacting the morning rush
7:27 am
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a chilly morning. temperatures in the 40s to near 50s. even warmer on thursday, friday, and saturday and near 80 degrees each day with lots of sunshine. it will stay dry sunday into the first part of next week. how on the commute? >> time to take a live look. capitol remains closed. detours necessary place, but expect delays. a quick check on southbound with an accident at shady grove road.
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7:30 now on a mens morninwe morning, the 31st day of march. that is the scene in cranston, rhode island. havoc there caused by the region's worst flooding in more than 100 years. the pawtuxet river, more than ten feet above its normal level. terrible news is people there, that river's level is still rising. the situation is only going to get worse as the day wears on. we'll have the latest in the forecast in just a moment. meanwhile outside here in new york, we have another great crowd. the rolling spring break continues. lots of people out on the fla
7:31 am
zz plaza. they're happy that the rain in this area at least has stopped. inside the studio, i'm matt lauer, alongside ann curry who's in while meredith takes some time off. also ahead, what you should make of the recent jump in the markets on wall street. >> that's right. the dow is at the highest point in a year and a half. the question is, is it time for you to invest in stocks again or is it too late? cnbc's maria bartiromo is here with us this morning to weigh in on that. we'll be talking about something else, the cruel practice known as trolling. you may not have heard about this before. i hadn't. basically it is using the internet to target and harass families coping with tragic losses like the death of a loved one. what's behind it and what, if anything, can be done about it. one family shares an emotional story. we begin with new details in the tiger woods scandal. several alleged mistresses are now speakingut and leaving little to the imagination. nbc's peter alexander joins us now with details on this. peter, good morning. >> ann, good morning.
7:32 am
the piece in "vanity fair" is titled "the temptation of tiger woods" and it reads like an adult romance novel. the writer spoke with several women who claim to have had affairs with tiger outlining his secret life of womanizing, gambling and an entourage of enablers. these women posing provocatively for "vanity fair" magazine claim to have heated affairs with tiger woods. they tell similar tales of a voracious woods, always requesting sex. constantly asking the women to satisfy his seemingly unquenchable sexual needs. >> i think they're scorned. i think some of them thought they were the only one. for some it was only about sex. for others, they felt that he truly cared for them. >> reporter: mindy lawton, a 34-year-old perkins restaurant hostess in tiger's hometown says the two would meet at cvw, then she'd travel him home to his
7:33 am
exclusive florida mansion to have sex in the den, in the garage, but never in the master bedroom. it was over in minutes. a needy and uncontrollable release who she imagined had a voracious appetite for sex and wasn't getting it at home. there were similar accounts for tiger's constant need from sex for one woman who says she met tiger at a nightclub. he even had a nickname for her. "we're talking on the phone and he's ke, you're my little coffee cup. he'd say, i miss my little coffee cup or how's my little coffee cup. she told her story on today. >> how would you describe the relationship that you had with him? it went on for what? a year and a half? >> yes. every time we saw each other it was like we became more and more comfortable with each other. ju became more of an actual relationship, boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. >> reporter: another common thread, these women all say tiger was cheap. jamie claims tiger only flew her in coach. her mother thought she should
7:34 am
demand first class. mindy says tiger bought her dinner -- once. tiger reportedly called her from subway where she asked him to grab her a chicken wrap. "they ate their subs before making love that night and tiger shed his down with bailey's irish cream, straight out of the bottle." >> it was all me, i'm the one who did it, i acted the way i acted. no one knew what was going on when it was going on. >> reporter: seal directly contradicts tiger's assertion that his friends and managers had no idea about his extramarital affairs. the women say the relationships were managed by tiger's entourage. when the national enquirer threatens to run a story about tiger's alleged affair with mindy lawton, including salacious details, she said tiger told her to call his agent, mark steinberg. one of tiger's early advisors believes the golf great was surrounded by bad news. he was "swimming with the whales" at the las vegas
7:35 am
casinos, alongside high rollers michael jordan and charles barkley. >> tiger was a regular presence in las vegas. i spoke to a lot of people there who saw him there in the casinos, high-rolling casinos of las vegas where you typically gamble $25,000 on a hand of blackjack. so he was a well known presence there. >> reporter: that former advisor claims, had tiger been surrounded by better managers and friends, his iconic success story would never have been tarnished by a scandalous secret life. nbc news reached out to tiger woods and his agent mark steinberg for comment, and we did not hear back. tiger woods makes his competitive return back to golf at the masters next weekend. >> mark seal wrote the story which appears in the may issue of "vanity fair." great to see you. your article is exceedingly well written. it does not tell us much more about the women as it does about the encounters. it gets into some very lurid
7:36 am
details. in fact, so many details, one might ask, as tiger has asked, why it's anybody's business. so how do you answer that? >> this is a story all about duplicity. on one hand you have a man who's holding himself out to be a paragon of family values, but yet he led a secret life. and it all came crashing down, only four months ago, which is remarkable short amount of time on thanksgiving night in his home. >> you do bre ground on this statement that tiger made that no one knew about his affairs in his circle. you write about a woman who claims that she says she was one of his mistresses. she said there were those in his inner circle who not only knew, they facilitated his affairs. how widespread was this did you discover in your reporting? >> this is a $1 billion brand, the greatest golfer of our time and he has a lot of people around him, his agent, mark steinberg of ing, kept him sequestered from the media and behind the curtain of family
7:37 am
values. >> are you implying mark steinberg knew something about this? >> mindy lawton in the story says after the "enquirer" allegedly found out about her affair, she called tiger and tiger told her to call mark steinberg and he said "we'll take care of it." also with brian bell, some of the women said he arranged some of the travel for the mistresses. >> i wonder about these women, specifically, and their motivation. now that they've discovered they aren't the only one, how angry were they, how motivated do you think they might be now to hurt tiger in any way they can in the interview with you? >> i think hell hath no fury. >> does that make you question some of the things they have told you? >> no, tiger himself said "i've had affairs," "i was unfaithful." but he didn't name the women, but the women came forward and they all seemed to keep some kind of evidence, text messages, e-mails, phone calls, as if they were going to use them at a later date, which indeed they have. the sad thing about it is, they all seemed to think they were the only one. >> beside the women, you also
7:38 am
talked to a man named john mercha merchant, he was tiger's former lawyer. you write that he says that tiger had a cadre of enablers and he names michael jordan and charles barkley as being bad influences. now how much time did he say tiger spent with these men, and why would he say that they were a bad influence? >> he was have you upset. he was very loudly and emotionally lamenting the fall of the tiger woods that he knew. >> but did heay that they contributed to his downfall? >> he didn't know specifically but he says he warned him early on to stay away fromthem. >> let's put a button on that one. i think the part that's probably one of the most hurtful to the tiger camp and one of the most i think eyebrow raising is when you write about tiger's father, earl woods, and you write about him as a womanizer. you write about him as having exploited his son's contracts for his own personal gain. i've got to ask you, where did
7:39 am
you get this information and what made you willing to run with this? >> yes. well, we have to give earl woods credit first of all. he was a very dedicated man. he made tiger woods into the great golfer that he is. but at the same time, sources told me that he had another side to him, and they recounted that he came to a father of the year award once, you know, and he was ainebriated and spoke on the podium incoherently. >> i guess when you go into all these details, it starts to beg the question about whether the therapy can help tiger. diyou learn anything in the reporting? >> well, he himself said that he was in 45 days of outpatient -- of inpatient treatment. we hope that it will. the interesting thing about all of this is he's going to be playing in the masters and i think people will be hoping that
7:40 am
he will come out of this. i mean if he can focus on that ball again, and put all this behind him and come out and win, what a comeback that would be. >> you think it might quiet his -- all these critics? >> i think winning does a lot. >> all right, on thatote we'll leave it. that's a lot of pressure. mark seal, thank you so much. the issue of "vanity fair" is on newsstands in new york and los angeles today and nationwide on april 7th. now let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist bill karins in for al this morning. >> good morning. we turned a corner out on the plaza. this fantastic spring break crowd out here. these young ladies out here definitely turned the page. they're ready for easter and they're all from ohio. you guys are from west virginia. can you read your sign for us? >> my grandma and grandpa we love you." >> we love your grandparents, too. thank you so much. as far as the weather today, beautiful weather out there in the middle of the country.
7:41 am
in the mid 80s traveling all the way up into iowa. it is going to be fantastic in chicago and minneapolis. is this march or is this may? we'll take it. all the warm weather in the middle of the country is going to slowly head to the east so all the horrible flooding we've seen up there in new england this weekend will be the reward and cleanup will begin today a beautiful view of potomac park with a chip with the wind out of the north. look at the cherry blossoms in the golden sun light. what a scene there now. 50 degrees and a chilly morning in washington. wind gusting to around 25 or 30 and will diminish with lots of sun and warm or temperatures into the 60s. the cherry >> where you guys from? >> miami, florida.
7:42 am
>> miami, florida. all on spring break. your hour-by-hour forecast, get that always at next, is now the time to jump back into the stock market or is another bble about to burst? cnbc's maria bartiromo shares her take right after this. [ male announcer ] aquafresh iso-active whitening. a breakthrough gel that transforms into an active foam. it not only helps prevent cavities, it whitens 33% better between teeth. aquafresh iso-active whitening. amazing. have you tried honey bunches of oats yet?
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we're back now at 7:44. is now the time to get back into the stock market in the dow rose more than 11 points on tuesday to close above 10,900.
7:45 am
its highest point since september of 2008. cnbc's maria bartiromo is the anchor of "closing bell" and author of the new book, "the ten laws of enduring success." good morning. let's talk about this, 19 of the past 23 days in the market has been up days, at highest mark that it has been since september of 2008. what's driving the market right now? >> what's driving it is this expectation that things are getting better, and they are, though we will definitely need more evidence that in fact this economic recovery is on track in order for this rally to continue. we're seeing the jobs numbers out this week. that's going to be an important indicator. >> the average investor out there who got battered with his or her retirement savings over the last couple years and perhaps has been sitting on the sidelines, has to be asking himself or herself a question -- did i miss this run-up? is it still a good time to get in? or do i risk a correction coming in the near future? >> well, over the long term you want to be invested in the stock market.
7:46 am
so i would shy against timing this market. having said that, i think most people are looking to tap into the growth outside of the united states. when you look at places like china growing more than 10%, india growing more than 8%, you want to invest in the american franchise quality companies that have been able to tap into that growth overseas. >> consumer confidence rose in march, but at the same time there are news reports that suggest that despite the market being up, most people don't think their portfolios are doing much better than they were a year or a year and a half ago. is this a question of fear or perception or both? what? >> i think it is fear, and the idea that they're unsure of the stock market's long-term gains because of what we've just been through. but the bottom line is, over the long term, the stock market will deliver the best returns when you are looking at 10, 20-year periods. >> we have job numbers coming out on friday from the labor department. unemployment right now is about
7:47 am
9.7%. what might we expect? >> we had some temporary employment over the last month. census bureau hired a lot of workers. that's definitely going to show some growth in terms of jobs. so a lot of exptation out there that we'll see a pretty good number on friday but i suspect we are in a tough situation. we aren't out of the woods, matt. i think unemployment is going to be with us for a little while because there is a lot of uncentu uncertainty out there on the part of companies. >> when you talk about uncertainty, in uncertain times and even in times that are a little more sure, there is this thing about successful people. they all seem to have an ability to adapt. how do you adapt to these particular circumstances? >> absolutely. that's why i wrote the book. because you're seeing all of those job cuts in 2008, this is the motivational book, it is time to say to yourself, look, this will pass, you need to look inside, look at your skill set and look at where the holes are. you need to figure out how you are going to survive and thrive in a changing economy. the media business is changing. financial services,
7:48 am
manufacturing, you need the right skill sets to actually survive, and more importantly thrive >> you have to know yourself. it's self-knowledge, is i think the way you describe it in the book. >> i'm so glad you said it because that is the number one first law of success. you need to know what you're good at. you need to know where that passion in your belly is. because in order to be successful, you want to love what you do and work really hard. the only way to do that is really know what you're good at and know yourself zbl. you have to display initiative. >> rattle the cage. >> maria, thank you very much. "the ten laws of enduring success" is the book. catch "closing bell" at 3:00 p.m. eastern weekdays on cnbc. much more on state of the economy tomorrow on "today" when we talk to treasury secretary timothy geithner. it is a critical time. unemployment remains high. more homeowners are underwater or behind on their mortgage payments. where does he see things headed?
7:49 am
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just ahead, how to tell if your overactive child might actually have adhd. grieving families stalked and tormented by anonymous online bullies. we'll explore a troubling trend called trolling and why it could be impossible to stop. but first, these messages, a check of your local news and weather. this year, i did my taxes on my own online,
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> 7:56 is the time. after a few sprinkles, a warm up is on the way. good morning, everyone. mt. news, our top story, violence in the district. 10 people were shot in a crime scene that stretches from d.c. to prince george's county. it started around 7:30 on south capitol street. a car drove by, spraying a crowd with bullets. police chased the car where officers were injured when they crashed into the suspects. they are expected to be okay. three were taken into custody. we will take a quick break
7:57 am
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whoa. wait a minute where'd you guys come from? edible arrangements bouquets beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious. pineapple bunnies? visit, call, or go to bright sunshine and a mustery wind. cherry blossoms are near peak. a beautiful scene and live picture from the city camera.
7:59 am
we are in the 40s to near 50 and now 50 in washington. winds gusting out of the northwest. highs into the 60s and the winds will diminish with lots of sun. sunny and warmer tomorrow and light winds and highs in the upper 70s. how is the traffic now? >> south capitol street southbound reopened between atlantic and chesapeake. northbound still being diverted. the diversion is working pretty well. along 270, an earlier accident should be out of traffic and the lanes are open. >> if you don't know already, you can wake up with us earlier. we have
8:00 am
8:00 now on a wednesday morning, the 31st day of march, 2010. all the people who have gathered here in our plaza this morning are part of history because they're helping us empty out the soggiest march on record here in the northeast. we have had so much rain, even over the last couple days. it seems to be clearing out. hopefully we're in for a nice, wet weekend. >> they're predicting that. thank goodness. i'm hoping for that, matt. we've got one story that's
8:01 am
disturbing. first, i'm matt lauer, along with ann curry. meredith is off this week, as is al. this is a new trend that's happening online, it is called trolling. what happens is a family experienced a tragedy, a suicide of a daughter or a car crash that claims a child. and then people online target that family just when they're in mourning with hateful and hurtful messages. it's something you're seeing more and more of. the question is, can anything be done to stop it. we'll talk about that in a couple of minutes. it is reprehensible. also coming up, we'll be talking about something on a very positive note. health for parents diagnosed with cancer. but there is an effort that's out there now that is going to help them build lasting memories with their children. really an amazing organization called the jack and jill foundation. basically it is an effort to give these families an opportunity to make memories in a beautiful place with a wonderful vacation despite what sounds like a terminal
8:02 am
diagnosis. and the reason why this organization exists is itself a wonderful story. >> look forward to that. how many parents have dealt with a fidgety, forgetful child? is. >> that's you. right? >> some would say. when do you know if it is something more than just your child being over overly energetd it is something like adhd. we'll talk about the symptoms you should look out for. but first, tamron hall has all the news headlines. record breaking rain is finally ending in the northeast but forecasters say rivers from maine to new york are not expected to crest until today or even tomorrow. president obama is ordering federal aid for rhode island which is expected to be hit with its worst flooding in more than 100 years. president obama says he wants to see tougher u.n. sanctions in place against iran within weeks. speaking at the white house tuesday, the president said the
8:03 am
u.s. is working hard with its international partners to punish iran for defying u.n. resolutions on its nuclear program. authorities in the nation's capital are trying to learn why a gunman opened fire on a crowd last night killing four people and wounding five. three people are in custody following the drive-by shooting in the southeastern part of the city. a segment last week about a recall of baby slings, we mistakenly showed a brief shot of an ergo baby carrier. these are not slings and are not the subject of safety warnings or a recall. we apologize for any confusion this may have caused. a high-thrills ride at a county fair in south florida is closed for inspection today after suspending two women upside down and sideways more than 50 feet above the ground tuesday. after about an hour, carnival workers were able to lower the space roller and get the women back down to earth. it is 8:03.
8:04 am
back to matt, ann on the plaza. >> thanks very much. we've got bill karins in for al this morning. someplace out here on the plaza. >> even the pavement's slowly beginning to dry as we watch that big storm pulling out. this fabulous, wonderful crowd. hold your signs up here -- who dat from louisiana! on the eighth grade trip. >> what school are you all with? >> maplewood middle school. >> what's your saints player? >> drew brees! >> welcome everyone from louisiana that's here. as we head toward this easter weekend, we have some fantastic weather out there, we also have troublesome weather. boston, unfortunately one of those areas that saw just horrible flooding as we went throughout today, yesterday. record rainfall. as we go throughout the day today, the storm will slowly pull away. middle of the country is perfect. through the rockies, we'll watch
8:05 am
snow from san juan wasatch mountainuntain range in good morning. the blossoms are fluttering in the strong breezes this wednesday morning. temperatures near 50 and it could rapidly climb into the 60s by this afternoon. overnight tonight, clear and chilly and into the 40s and the winds diminish overnight. mostly sunny tomorrow and quite a bit warmer into the 70s and may hit >> thas a look at yr forecast on this last day of march. ann? >> all right, thank you so much, bill. coming up next, who would ck the family of a teen who committed suicide? one family's heartbreaking encounter right after this. that grows healthy, green grass...naturally.
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8:09 am
we're back at 8:08. this morning on "today's family," a cruel new online trend that's been dubbed "trolling." family and friends in mourning targeted after a tragedy. nbc's jeff rossen's here with the disturbing details on this. jeff, good morning. >> hey, matt, good morning. you wonder how mean people can be? here's your answer. these trolling internet stalkers stop at nothing to cause pain. when a 17-year-old girl died recently, internet trolls got busy harassing the people that loved her. >> she's a soccer star, a la cross star, and a best friend. to everyone. >> reporter: electrlexy was a fun-loving girl. >> my beautiful angel. everybody loved her. >> reporter: but last week her parents found her, lifeless
8:10 am
after a year of therapy, lexy hanged herself inside her own bedroom. there was no suicide note, no explanation at all. >> when you get killed in a car accident you have an answer. when you die from disease, you have an answer. we don't have an answer here. >> reporter: soon the cruel underbelly of the internet would light up. within hours of lexie's death, just as her family had hit rock bottom, graphic images and defensive chatter about lexy. >> the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out. is how it is to die. you end up looking like apple pie. >> reporter: and it gets worse. many messages we can't share. it is called trolling. internet trolls post outrageous comments on message boards trolling for reaction. >> they say, no, the soccer team made some cuts and they left a poor girl hanging. >> reporter: lexy's friends saw the posts, now they're banding together to fight internet trolling. >> they're just sick in the head
8:11 am
and they have no hearts. we're still hurting, and it's not going to go away for a while. this is just adding to the fire. >> reporter: there have been high-profile cases before. back in 2006, one of the most vicious cases of trolling. 18-year-old nikki took her father's porsche out for a joyride. she hit high speeds and crashed into a toll plaza. police pictures of her mutilated body were leaked, and posted all over the internet. images so graphic we can't even show you. internet trolls even e-mail the photoed to her grieving family just to hurt them. >> crazy, crazy stuff. >> we have a lot of messages like you deserve that, you rich -- you know what. you deserve that. she deserved it. >> reporter: no one is off-limits. in fact, the more vulnerable you are, the bigger target you become, dead or alive. >> trolling is definitely a dark side of the net and it's becoming more widespread because with the more forums there are
8:12 am
available for people to pose these things anonymously, the more brazen people are becoming. >> reporter: this week, police say teenagers in massachusetts bullied 15-year-old phoebe prince so much she killed herself. even after her suicide, her bullies wouldn't stop, posting nasty messages on her facebook memorial page. internet trolls did the same thing on lexi's page. >> if we can save one kid, one family, one community, from feeling the way we feel, it's one victory. >> she's a smiling, beautiful child. look at that. don't look at the negative. >> you wonder what kind of people would do this. this morning police are investigating, but there isn't much they can do. the trolls are sometimes overseas using fake names. so it is tough to even find them. >> jeff rossen, thank you very much. perry aftab is the executive director of good morning to you.
8:13 am
reprehensible, repulsive, fill in the blank with your own adjective here. but, it's not illegal, is it? >> well, it may be illegal but what we're seeing here isn't. these people are just trying to provoke a reaction and they're trying to harass people but not across the legal line. >> jeff said this has been going on at least for a few years. is it, though, increasing in frequency because of the explosion in social networking? >> yeah, absolutely. it's been going on since the web was launched, but it is increasing because you have the real quick reaction times. you might be on a cell phone, you can post something nasty on facebook, you're there, bored in the middle of the night so you're going to do something that gets you some attention. >> in the case of lexi pilkington, the young lady who committed suicide, are these xhoents being posted, in your opinion, by people who actually knew her, or are there people elsewhere in the country and around the world who simply peruse the headlines and then
8:14 am
make some connection with a tragic story? >> probably both. cyber bullying is when you know somebody. then you'll see some personal facts about her, not just comments about "it is good that you died and you're a slut," so something that's personal to her. if it is just a horrible comment abt, good, they died, one less person to worry about, you're too rich anyway, that is trolling or mobbing and we're seeing a lot of situations where people are doing it just because they can. >> law enforcement officials around the country are cracking down on cyber bullying. we've seen that just recently. i guess this would in some ways fit in because the whole purpose here is to inflict some kind of emotional pain on an individual. so can they bend the rules a little bit and include this in that category? >> good point. actually, there is a federal law that came out about four years ago that says if you're harassing somebody anonymously with an intent to annoy, it is now a felony. although they may be making up the names, as jeff indicated, there is an ip address, the cyber trail of breadcrumbs.
8:15 am
facebook collects it any time you interact with their site. so do all the others. if law enforcement wants it, they'll get it. >> you're working with facebook, i don't know that you'll be able to prevent this except by threatening things like you just talked about. >> well, you got to educate people, let parents know that if, god forbid, somebody dies in their family, somebody needs to lock down their facebook page and turn it into a memorial page. google your kid's facts so you always know where they are, alive hopefully always. make sure you have a kid around who can monitor these kinds of pages. stay on top of it. get your kid's password. put it in an envelope. don't like at it. sign across it. if you're in control you can protect your kids whether they're alive or after their death. >> it is unbelievable we even have to talk about this. >> so many times, matt. facebook is on this. they're spending a lot of time on memorial pages, they're monitoring these and they intend to do what they can both on education and enforcement side. >> parry, thanks very much. we're back right after this.
8:16 am
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new motrin pm. and i went in to an h&r block. they found an education credit that i missed. my refund was $2000 more than what i had found on my own. you don't know what you don't know, and that's why you go to h&r block. get it right. h&r block.
8:19 am
back now at 8:19 with a group dedicated to helping families cope with late stage cancer. a diagnosisan be devastating, especially for young parents. one atlanta-based group is striving to make things easier on the entire family. the motto -- treating the families, not the cancer.
8:20 am
>> reporter: betsy. greg. cam and katie tanner of atlanta, georgia, are living with betsy's breast cancer. 20 pills a day, radiation, and chemotherapy are everyday life for her. but doctors don't expect her to survive. when you realized that you were diagnosed with a very bad stage four cancer, what was your first thought? >> my kids. my kids. what's going to happen to my children? >> she's an amazing person. she does more than i think she could ever do. >> because she's -- >> she's a great mom, and i just feel like -- >> yeah. for five years you've been fighting to keep your wife alive. >> very hard. >> what is the impact on a family? >> it's very tough on everybody.
8:21 am
when the doctor gave us the time that she had to live, it really knocked us out of the water. >> you know, i want to see katie graduate and kimmel graduate and i want to see them get married but the reality is that is probably not going to happen. so we try and make the most of what we have while we have it. don't we? what would you cook for dinner if it was your turn? >> sandwiches. >> reporter: this is a family trying very hard to focus on the now. >> my son bought me this book by tim mcgraw at a book fair at school. and it was about live like you were dying. he did this. >> you bought her that book? >> um-hmm. >> and why did you buy her that book? >> because she loves the song, i think. and i knew she'd like it. ♪ i was in my early 40s with a lot of life before me♪ >> they're kayaking and they're bicycle riding and they're
8:22 am
living. >> reporter: that's where john albert and the jack and jill foundation come in. john and his wife, jill, started their foundation to help families like the tanners after jill herself was diagnosed with terminal cancer. >> when you have late-stage cancer and your entire world has been turned upside down, christmas vacations, spring break, summer vacations, weekends are just not the same. and this is a sense of normalcy again. this is a return to normalcy in their time-out from cancer. if for only a brief time. >> reporter: the foundation gives these families a vacation from terminal cancer, a real vacation, to sporting events, award shows, holidays away for bonding time. >> you can't have a photo album with mom when she's gone. >> reporter: like betsy tanner, jill was a mother of two elementary school children when she was diagnosed. jill understood exactly what these families going through cancer need. >> the children need a break. they just need a break. and so do the parents.
8:23 am
so do the parents. it's a struggle every single day. so i would hope that it will continue to grow. >> reporter: just two weeks after launching jack and jill, jill ago belbert died at the ag 45, but left behind two children, jake and janie, now 13 and 11, who now carry on their mother's dream of helping families struggling as they did. is it good for you to see and help these children? >> i can remember when i was 11 right before my mom died, and how valuable time was with her and how scared i was also good to help. t know what would >> help these kids so that they can suffer a little less. and jake, you also feel that? >> i know some people are going through this right now. i feel for them. i know exactly what they're going through, and i'm proud to let them know that there's a
8:24 am
group that's out there for them to help them get away. >> reporter: leading cancer clinics and hospitals across the country refer families to the tanners. >> it is going to finally be a break from all of the stuff that's been going on with her going to chemo every two weeks and for getting a break from school. >> reporter: and a break is just what the jack and jill foundation delivered. >> we're going to send you to st. john's. >> reporter: surprising the tanners with a trip to the caribbean. ♪ and loved deeper and i spoke sweeter ♪ >> reporter: a trip a family with their mounting health bills could not afford to take on their own. the jack and jill foundation's helped more than 300 families like the tanners create memories to outlast cancer. ♪ to live like you were dying ♪ to live like you were dying
8:25 am
>> after her trip, betsy tanner wrote me in an e-mail the jack and jill late stage cancer foundation gave my family time to be together, time to laugh, time to live, time to create memories for my children. there's no other organization like this in the nation. please know how grateful i am for what they are doing. >> we'll put information on our website and make sure people can find out more about that organization. >> and how they can also help the organization. >> go to dot we're back after your local news and weather.
8:26 am
>>. >> 8:26 is the time. much-needed sunshine over the capital. in the news, lease are investigating a terrible string of violence in the district. 10 people were shot in a crime scene from d.c. to prince george's county. four are dead and several others fighting for their lives. is started around 7:30 last night amount of car drove by, spraying a crowd with bullets. officers were injuried when a crashed into the suspect. they are expected to be okay. three were taken into custody.
8:27 am
we will take a break and h
8:28 am
good morning. blustery and chilly and temperatures near 50, but should climb into the 60s and warmer thursday, friday, and saturday. >> good news on south capitol street. the investigation completed here. let's check out the beltway with
8:29 am
the outer loop jammed. college park to silver springs and a series of incidents have been cleared. really, really slow. >> thank you. if you don't know already, you can wake up with us earlier. news 4
8:30 am
8:30 now on a wednesday morning, the 31st day of march, 2010. nice people here on the plaza. always nice when the rain stops here in new york, which it has done recently and we're thankful for that. spring possibly making its
8:31 am
presence known tomorrow. 70-something degrees by the end of the week. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and tamron hall. meredith and al are off today. coming up, we'll talk about how to know if your child has adhd or whether your child is just fidgety and energetic. symptoms are not always clear cut so an expert will walk parents through what they need to be on the lookout for in just a couple of minutes. >> that's so important. if you get an early diagnosis you can better figure out how to parent your child. also coming up, we he martha stewart in the house. she's basically going to make sewing cool all over again. she's going to show us how to make some homemade crafts to dress up our homes. they're really cute. book she's come out with, a brand-new book, is so adorable. tamron, i'm telling you, it will make you want to sew again. and you, too. >> again? back to my sewing days? so many people have struggled to pay off credit card debt. what do you do once you actually
8:32 am
pay it off? clois the accou close the account? keep it open? which will have the smallest impact on your credit score. our "money 911" banl is spanel o answer those questions. bill karins is in for al with a look at the weather. >> good morning, everyone. much better out here today than it was yesterday. we want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. what's your birthday wish? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> i don't know. >> this is your 15 seconds. want another american girl doll? >> no. i want -- >> now we're being picky. time's almost up. >> i want to go to disney. >> i'll arrange that during the next commercial break. down here, fifth grade teacher on your break. >> i want to say hi to my kids at wiggin street elementary. my fifth grade students that signed this poster for us. >> enjoy your time off yourself. let's talk about this forecast. the afternoon temperatures are
8:33 am
what's really changing. we'll see things warming up significantly in the middle of the day. almost summer like in so many spots. the southeast is looking nearly perfect. eventually that warm air moves its way to the flood-hit northeast. areas in the west, a new storm system coming out to the west coast, high surf. also chances of rain in los angeles, maybe even san diego wiwith a >> welcome sunshine returned and r and 51 in washington. near 50 and we have the wind  gusting to around 30 miles an hour. we will have lots of sun today and a bit blustery and highs reaching mid-and upper 60s. overnight should be clear and the mid 40s, but rapid warm up tomorrow into the mid-and upper >> if you'd like to find out your weekend forecast, you can
8:34 am
always get that at now to the best looking man in show business, our one and only, willard scott. >> it's been a wonderful run. happy passover to all of our jewish friends. god bless. beautiful day in ft. meyers for passover. and it will be on for a week. god bless. happy birthday from smucker's. orville, ohio's pride and joy. take a look. this is eddye williams from washington, d.c., my town, 110 years old! attributes her longevity to loving every single person and never gossiping. that's like we are in television. never a bad word. william "elvis" smith. i love that. elvis smith. dayton, ohio. 108. lives independently a loves
8:35 am
watching basketball, television and makes the most delicious brownies in town. how about him? i like brownies and ice cream. herman mill pennsylvania. 103. third time he's tried to get on the show. on record as one of the oldest altar boys, assistant to the priest services every single sunday. that's beautiful. bernice evans, athens,georgia. 103. shook hands with president coolidge who didn't say anything. he was a quiet man. you know? in the white hse garden. that's where she shook hands. good old calvin. edna bragg, bangor, maine, 105. fifth time she's tried to get on. keeps busy going to dinner and playing cards with her senior citizens friends. and hello dolly maula, from flushing, new york. she's a retired secretary and
8:36 am
homemaker and believes you have to smile no matter what happens, keep a positive attitude. that's it, that's all. now back to mr. matt in new york. >> all right, mr. willard. thank you very much. jimmy jb pan over here for a second. we have some nice people here. when we ce back, martha stewart is here. she's going to turn boring fabric into an elegant craft. bu for decades, the insurance lobby has called the shots...
8:37 am
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don't cry. my name is sunny and independence is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. >> announcer: "martha on today" is brought to you by macy's. the martha stewart collection is now available only at macy's and at back at 8:38. this morning on "martha on today," we're sewing. in her latest book, "martha stewart's encyclopedia of sewing
8:39 am
and fabric crafts" has endless ideas. >> yes, it is our new encyclopedia, second in our craft series. first we had a crafting book, paper crafts, now this is fabric crafts. it is so fun to get out the sewing machine. about 20 million american women sew. >> it is so pretty. >> 250 projects. >> great ideas. one is very timely, to create a pretty easter table. we have it at the end. >> simple, crafty, and you can if you start today -- you'd spend today doing it basically. not a whole week. >> after this long, hard winter, it's nice to sort of celebrate the change that the bringing of spring. first, help us out with some basic cored coasters. >> these pretty felt coasters, which are embellished with a simple embroidery zigzag stitch on the singer machine here, the
8:40 am
singer confidence, very simple to use, by the way. you can just do this one. this is a pale green with a purple thread. it's just a number two zigzag. it is harder to sew standing up, by the way. >> you pre-marked where you want to sew. >> great japanese pen, an invisible -- it marks, then when you expose it to sunlight it disappears. so you don't have to wash or anything like that. >> i'm going to sew. >> sew just a vertical line there. i'm going to sew the zigzag, making a crisscross checkerboard pattern on mine. >> hey! >> it takes like a couple seconds for each one. >> this is fun, actually. >> it is fun. if you have children of machine age, a 10-year-old girl or boy who likes to sew, they can do this, too. it looks cute. >> did i do okay? >> perfect. >> yay! >> i've been finding out that
8:41 am
ann is -- >> i'm sorry. >> that's not so perfect. don't worry about that. >> i'm sorry! gosh! it crashed down from the top to the bottom. >> our centerpiece on the table is just granbranches from outsi. pick up a shapely branch. we have plenty on ground from our storm. wrap it with a seam binding and leave the ends of the seam binding, affix with a hot glue gun. then make these cute little flowers. they're so easy. just take a strip of fabric. fringe one side which will be the end of the flower. gather the edge. you can do it on the machine or by hand. see how it gathers up into -- just catch it, like that with your thread. you make a little flower. >> that's adorable! you've got these little items to put inside. >> these are available at any craft store, just little pearls. make two or three of these per
8:42 am
flower. drop a little piece of hot glue right down in the center here and -- watch out that you don't get it on your fingers. you affix that, let it dry. and then you have all these cute little flowers. you want to decorate that branch? >> sure. >> just put a little dab of glue -- >> where you think the flower should go? >> wherever you want a flower. just stick it on. it makes a very pretty arrangement. you can do a lot of branches like this. these are everlasting. you don't have to go to the florist and buy fresh flowers. >> this is really fantastic. they're just pretty. >> do you have a button box -- >> they're falling though. >> you have to let them dry. do you have a button box in your house? >> i do. i love buttons. >> just two buttons like that and a little branch and a little leaf with a satin stitch embroidery. how easy. >> can you use that little invisible pen so you don't make the mistake when you sew it?
8:43 am
>> you can if you want, but that's easy to do free hand. >> very pretty. >> the simplest of all is iron-on silhouettes on a table runner or napkins. these are clip art that you can access on the internet. go to martha you cut this out as close to the silhouette as possible, like that. you just put it- this is avery transfer paper. you just put that on like that, iron with a hot iron, and i hope this iron is on. i did test it. >> it is warm. >> it is warm. you iron and iron and you peel off. look what's left. >> look! oh, my gosh! presto. that is beautiful! >> see how nice that is? that is absolutely permanent. you can have this on your table runner for a long, long time. and it looks gorgeous on the finished table. >> that is beautiful! martha stewart, always showing us how to bring the holidays --
8:44 am
>> i love these. >> i love those as well. >> it uses up your embroidery skills. >> martha, thank you for helping us celebrate spring and easter. the book is called "martha stewart's encyclopedia of sewing and fabric crafts." i think we can get matt into this now. next we'll tell you how to determine if your child has extra energy or perhaps has adhd. but first, this is "today" on adhd. but first, this is "today" on nbc. you're sure about this? i'm telling you: on our budgets these are bucket seats. but it rides like a dream. just buckle up and i'll take you for a spin. buckle... i would love to buckle. (announcer) that is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. our high quality used cars are loaded with the features you really want all for the budget you really need. and with a 5-day money-back guarantee, peace of mind comes standard. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be.
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[ whistling ] one taste, and you'll understand. [ phew! ] delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick se up to brew at home. mmm! america runs on dunkin'. now available -- new dunkin' turbo. visit for a free sample. >> announcer: "today's moms" is brought to you by walmart. save money, live better. walmart. this morning on "today's moms," does your child have adhd or are they simply energetic? it's estimated about 5% of american kids have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. making it the nation's most common childhood mental disorder.
8:47 am
steve kertz is the clinical director of new york university's child study center. beth is a parent of a child with adhd. good morning to you both. the thing that stood out to me in this research is that the symptoms, the way this disorder shows itself, it can be different in just about every child. so how in the world do you go about diagnosing it? >> can be different in every child, but the one thing that cuts across all kids is that their lives are impaired in some really important way, it's getting in the way of academic functioning, family functioning, peer relations. when you do talk about common symptoms though, if there's a parent sitting at home right now trying to decide whether they have a child who's energetic, fidgety or who has adhd -- by the way, that's the new way we say "add." correct? what would you say look for in terms of common symptoms? >> the easy part of different l
8:48 am
differentia differentiating, it is three times as much. each of these has a number of ways to look for symptoms or behaviors that would characterize those. >> when we show a list of symptoms like those, doctor, on the screen, does the child have to have all of those symptoms or one or two of the symptoms? >> great question. we have a list of nine inattentive symptoms. between a parent report and a teacher report, we look for 6 out of the 9 to be above and beyond what would be expected in typical development. >> beth, your son has adhd. >> yes. >> did it come on suddenly? was it always there? how did you recognize it when he was younger? >> well, i should have recognized it early on. he was up 20 out of 24 hours when he was a newborn. all of a sudden something magic happened, he fell leep when he was 8 yeex olweeks old. but then he was up all day in the day. take little cat naps just to take the edge. just to get up for the next
8:49 am
level. >> in terms of your interaction with your son, what was it like? >> a roller coaster of emotions. he was very on-the-go, constantly into things, had trouble attending. he was distractible to every level. on scale of 1 to 10, i'd put him about the 8-9 range of his hyperactive impulsive characteristics, but that was early on. he was easily frustrated and had a very low frustration tolerance, and that was very difficult to deal with. >> what kinds of treatments are available and how successful are they? >> treatments in 2010 are combined treatment of behavioral therapy, appropriate medication, counseling, parent training and teachers connecting with parents. each of those we have refined over the years. what you and i had as kids growing up, it's a new world. there's parent training that
8:50 am
holds s r three and six years after we finish parent training. and among the fabulous new innovations are things like a bug in the ear, training a parent from behind a one-way mirror in real time with their child. if they have trouble doing their homework, we have them bring in homework. trouble sitting at the table, we watch them eat a meal and coach the parent through it. >> how's your son doing now? >> terrific. mainly because i did everything that steve just outlined. we did a lot of work all these years working with chris. being a da accommodating his needs, looking at his individual needs for him and what it needed for him to be successful. today i'm happy to say that he's -- he went to college. he got a degree but he's really functioning as an emergency medical technician which fits perfect with his characteristics being hyper, impulsive. affirmative. telling you wt to do, when to do and how to do it and being okay in that arena. so he found his little island of success and he's moving forward. >> we'll put information on our website and encourage people to go look for it. doctor, thank you very much.
8:51 am
beth, thank you very much as well. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
back now at 8:52 with more of our special network wide series, "your stories our stories." this morning, aamily that really knows the meaning of togetherness, four generations living under the same roof.
8:53 am
here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> okay, there's couple roast beef. >> reporter: for the halls, lunch time can look a lot like a family reunion. >> that's a different kind of cheese. >> you want turkey? >> reporter: and in many ways, it is. this is family that does much more than just eat together. they also share a home. >> i can jump it like this? >> no. >> i can't do that? >> no. >> reporter: four generations. seven people from great grandchildren to great grandparents living under the same roof. but at times, this three-level, five-bedroom, 4 1/2-bath home outside charleston, south carolina can seem pretty small. >> yes, this is overwhelming and yes, it is chaotic. bottom line is, i don't want it any other way. >> reporter: two years ago the hall family decided to consolidate their finances and their lives into 4,000 square feet of living space. 83-year-old troy sr. and his 82-year-old wife frances live in their own studio apartment on the ground floor.
8:54 am
she suffers from parkinson's disease. upstairs, their son troy and daughter-in-law vickie share a bedroom just off the living room. and on the third floor, grandson jason, raises his two kids, riley and kiley who are 9 and 6. for the single father, moving in was a necessity after he lost his job. it was hard to move in here? >> no. i mean it was either here or nowhere. >> you ready? you're on. >> reporter: for troy sr. and frances, the move meant vickie could help care for them while she's watching her grandchildren and running the household. along with her husband, they're the glue that keeps this family together. >> each of those family units are responsible for themselves but we understand that we're all responsible for each other. >> reporter: multi-generational families choosing to live together isn't a new trend, but it is one that's continuing to grow. according to the pew research center, 49 million americans, or
8:55 am
1 out of every 6 of us, have multi-generations living under the same roof. that includes the residents living under this roof. grandmother marian robinson lives with her daughter and son-in-law, michelle and barack obama, so she can help raise her grandchildren, sasha and malia. >> bringing my mother-in-law. having her around to help with the girls is a tremendous, tremendous thing. >> reporter: and it is working for more and more families all across the country. >> everybody has a job. we have rules that we follow. but i guess really we're -- it really starts because we love each other. >> reporter: four jgenerations, one roof, a house that's more than just a home. >> that works for them. just ahead, the best of everything after 50. plus the smartest ways to save for your kid's college fund. after your local news and weather.
8:56 am
>>. >> 8:56 is the time. bloodshed in the district. 10 shot and four killed in a crime spree that extended to oxen hill in the 4000 block of capitol street. someone sprayed a crowd with bullets and the police chased the suspect where they crashed. four officers were injury and expected to be okay. three suspects were arrested. no word on a motive. we will have the weather
8:57 am
it's definitely expensive having a growing family. and it's something that you think about. we try to be conscious of that and plan out our meals so that we can feed everyone on a budget. at giant, we know saving money is important. every time you shop with your card, you can enjoy thousands of real deal sings and weekly specials. like perdue boneless chicken breasts, buy one, get one free; and strawberries, one-pound carton, 3 for $5. this week only. it makes me feel good because we're saving money, and that works for me. only with your giant card.
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a chilly wednesday under way and wind gustingo around 30 and sculpting the clouds over the river. a live picture from the camera and cherry blossoms near peak. they are hanging o in the wind. temperatures near 50 should to the 60s by this afternoon. the wind should diminish under a clear sky down into the mid 40s. duri the day should be bright and sunny and highs into the upper 70s and might hit the low 80 oz friday with rots of sun. lows in the 50s. highs in the 70s on sunday and
8:59 am
opening day for nationals park. the nationals and phillies start monday in the afternoon at 1:00. should be in the 70s with lots of sun. how is the traffic? >> time to take a look at the traffic. just volume and i suspect more than a few folks taking a look at the cherry blossoms. the trip on the beltway north, trouble earlier and lanes are open, but a late accident to the shoulder. slow all the way around to silver spring. >> if you don't know already, you can wake up with us earlier. news today starts at 4:30
9:00 am
we're back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning. this sounds good -- it is the final day of march. i only say that because it's been the wettest march on record here in the northeast. it's just been raining cats and dogs. but as you can see, it stopped for the time being. we're looking forward to some warmer temperatures, maybe even a blue sky by the end of today. our thanks to these people for stopping by, as always. we're inside of course. i'm matt lauer, along with ann curry and amy robach. natalie an al are off today. coming up in a moment,
9:01 am
another round of drama for tiger woods as he gets ready to return to golf. now several women who claim to have had affairs with woods are speaking out with their stories of rendezvous and what his inner circle really knew about the affairs. details on that coming up. it is wednesday, that means it is time for our experts to take a crack at all of your financial emergencies. dat best saving plans for your kids, not only for college but k through 12. we'll also have advice from our cnbc panel on when you should close your credit card accounts. plus the long-term career consequences a lot of people don't think about when declaring bankruptcy. all of that on today's "money 911." also, we'll talk about how to be fabulous at 50 and beyond. some of our favorite celebrities, whether oprah or madonna, are living some of the best years of their lives, we understand, after the age of 50. this morning we'll have some advice on how to embrace mid life and improve everything om your style to your sex life as you move into your 50s and beyond. but first, since ann is
9:02 am
sitting right here, tamron hall of msnbc is over at the news desk with the headlines. good morning, everyone. president obama has issued an emergency declaration for rhode island following record setting rain and the worst flooding there in more than 100 years, the weather channel's mike seidel is in cranston, rhode island. mike, good morning. the rain is easing there but problems i understand are certainly not over. >> reporter: not by a long shot. rain has finally shut down. even some sunshine this morning but behind me, this is the pawtuxet river, here in cranston is across the river, the other side in -- in parts of rhode island where the rer has come up now to 20.76 feet, an all-time crest now, 12 feet above flood stage. it is still coming up, coming up another inch in theast couple of hours. yesterday and monday, heavy rainfall, that's why we've had unprecedented flooding. historic totals in providence, nine inches of rain in two days. over 16 inches so far in march, now the wettest month on record,
9:03 am
forcing residents out of their homes, some for the second tim in two weeks. the bad news is even though the sun is back out, the rain has stopped. it will take until at least early next week before these floodwaters come back down. this morning many roads and bridges are shut down, including a stretch of interstate 95. that's going to affect not only local traffic but also through traffic across parts of southern new england. tamron, back to you. >> mike, thank you. >> today president obama is saying the government will allow offshore oil drilling 50 miles off the coast of virginia reversing a long-standing ban on most offshore drilling. it is part of an effort to reduce reliance on foreign oil. new and surprising details about tiger woods' secret life have emerged this week in "vanity fair." nbc's peter alexander has more. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the piece is titled "the temptation of tiger woods" and this one reads like an adult romance novel. the "vanity fair" writer, mark seal, spoke with several women who claim to have had affairs with tiger outlining his secret life of womanizing and an
9:04 am
entourage of enablers. these women posing provocatively for "vanity fair" magazine claim to have heated affairs with tiger woods. they tell similar tales of a voracious woods, always requesting sex, constantly asking the women to satisfy his seemingly unquenchable sexual needs. >> the sad thing about it is, they all seemed to think they were the only one. >> reporter: mindy lawton, a 34-year-old perkins restaurant hose host ess in tiger's hometown says they'd meet at cvs, then follow him home to have sex in the kitchen, the garage. but never in the bedroom. it was over in minute, a needy and uncontrol able release for a man who, lawton imagined, had a vokashs appetite for sex and wasn't getting it at home. there were similar accounts of tiger's constant need for sex from jamie jungers who says she
9:05 am
met tiger in a nightclub. she told her story on "today." >> how would you describe the relationship? it went on for what? a year and a half? >> yes. every time we saw each other it was like we became more and more comfortable with each other. just became more of an actual relationship, boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. >> reporter: another common thread -- these women all say tiger was cheap. jamie jungers claimed tiger only flew her in coach. he mother thought she should demand first class. mindy lawton says tiger bought her dinner -- once. >> that is all me, i'm the one who did it, i'm the one who ted the way i acted. no one knew what was going on when it was going on. >> reporter: seal directly contradicts tiger's assertion that his grendz and managers had no idea about his extramarital affairs. women say the relationships were managed by tiger's entourage. nbc news reached out to tiger woods and his agent, mark steinberg, for comment. we did not hear back tiger, by the way, will return to competitive golf next week,
9:06 am
tamron, at the masters. >> those are some details. peter, thank you. some dogs chase cars but there is a border collie in canada that can run circles around them. look at this dog! he's insane. he hides in a ditch near a highway, then he spins every time a car goes by. and, he's known in the area -- wait for it -- as the spinning dog. they couldn't think of anything more original. poor guy! it is six minutes past the hour. back to matt, ann and amy. >> actually, he reminds me have don nash every time a big story happens. that's one of our senior producers. right, don? anyway -- >> ouch. moving on. >> that's not going to be the last you hear of that. let's get a check of the weather now from meteorologist bill karins who is in for al. bill? >> well, good morning, everyone. we actually have a nice little 13th birthday here. who are tse nice people next to you? >> my sister and my friend -- my
9:07 am
cousin. >> what's your birthday wish? you want your sister to sing? >> no. >> no singing there? >> yeah. >> show your sign off. i don't like to show signs -- what's the other side say? >> marry me, matt. but she crossed that off and someone named bill actually wrote on the sign. matt's very cute. but i don't want to start that argument today. weather wise, we had this horrible, horrible storm that moved up through new england. still seeing flooding problems. a lot of rivers crested last night. a few ofhe bigger ones will crest later today. amazing rainfall totals for the month of march. we've never seen a march with this much rainfall from new york city up through connecticut, providence and right into boston. hopefully april will be our reward with a lot of suhine and warmth. we slowly warm up the next couple of days, by thehe >> welcome sunshine, breezy and
9:08 am
chilly in the low to mid 50s. we will climb into the 60ed by noon time. temperatures accompanied by winds kbufting to near 30 miles an hour. these are the latest winds the. reagan national at 31. high to upper 60s and should diminish under a clear sky. afternoon >> that's a look at your wednesday forecast. in "today's "money 911,"" help for all of your financial dilemmas, from how to find best college savings account to the benefits of short selling your home. carmen wong ulrich is a cnbc personal finance expert. sharon epperson is cnbc's personal finance correspondent, and melissa lee is host of cnbc's "fast money" and "options action." tamron hall is fielding questions from our crowd. good morning to everyone.
9:09 am
we're going to start with a viewer e-mail. we have are michelle in tampa, florida. she writes this -- my husband and i are considering filing for bankruptcy as i was laid off last year and we fell behind on all payments, including our mortgage. i am planning to attend law school in the fall. will filing for bankruptcy affect my future career in law? also, will it affect my ability to get student loans? sharon, what does chapter 7 do to an individual? >> this is not a way you want to start your law career. of course it depends on what the employer will do when they hire you but this bankruptcy will be on your credit report and credit history. the other issue is what to do about the student loans. that's a big issue as well because some federal student loans you will be able to qualify for, but you may be denied a grad-plus loan. private loans, basically forget about getting those. in terms of actually being admitted to the bar, there is a review process there and there are some cases where they've
9:10 am
rejected people from the bar because after bankruptcy or because of other debts. >> what about credit history? if she doesn't file her bankruptcy she might be in just as much trouble. >> well, yes. that's a very difficult thing as well. she needs to seek advice from a non-profit credit counselor, go to or look at all the unnecessary expenses she has and figure out how to reduce her budget, clean up her credit history so she can have a better credit history going into the workforce and decide if this is the right time to take on more debt by going to law school. >> more and more employers are looking at your credit report, whether you think it is fair or not. so if you are looking for a job -- a lot of folks are in financial trouble of course. be up front. they have to ask your permission first. be up front about why you're in trouble. >> next up, phone call from crystal in paducah, kentucky. >> good morning. we just paid off all of our credit card debt in february with our tax refund.
9:11 am
i have heard that if we close all of our credit cards at once, it will hurt our credit score. however, if we leave them all open, with the available lines of credit, it may also hurt our credit score. we currently have about nine credit cards. we would like to only keep two open credit cards with low lines of credit. my question is, what is the best route for us to take? >> melissa, what is crystal's best solution here? >> well, crystal, first, congratulations for paying down at your debt but don't celebrate by cutting up those credit cards yet. your credit history will follow you around. you close those accounts and that information will still be on your credit report for about ten years. that's not going to solve that problem. second, the thing to keep in mind is that your credit score, a big portion of it, about 30% is what's made up of credit utilization. what is that? simple thing -- just take all your credit cards, add up all the limits and balances, divide balances by the limits. it is basically a measure of how much you are using your limits
9:12 am
across your credit card. let's just say just as an example, you've got $1,000 in limits total across your credit cards. you've got $600 in balances, simple math, that's 60% utilization. the lower the number, the better. say you close some of those credit cards and you eliminate some of those limits. say you eliminate $400 worth of limits. that brings that utilization up to 100%. not a good thing. actually, keeping those cards open can help you keep up your credit score. assuming that you can control your spending and you can pay down your balances in a timely fashion, keeping those cards open may be your best bet at this point. >> why does she have such a big, giant refund? we're talking $9,000 to $10,000? crystal, you are letting the government hold on to all that money that's yours so instead if you're using this as like an automated savings account, sign up for an automated savings account and adjust your withholding., a withholding
9:13 am
calculator is there and adjust it so the government is not taking too much money. that's way too big of a tax refund to get. >> the average is about $3,000. the other thing to think about is the length of time you've held some of these credit cards. if you've held them a long time, don't cancel the ones that you've held for a long time. >> heading across the street where tamron is standing by with a viewer question. >> i am with kim a tony from washington, d.c. you can see here they're celebrating their first wedding anniversary. woo-hoo is right. you got a big question. >> we're wondering if someone applying for a second home mortgage can qualify for an faa loan? >> good question. >> interesting question. congratulations, you guys. happy anniversary. i'm assuming -- i want to ask why you're looking for the second mortgage. but basically no. fha loans are your primary mortgages. when you can do, however, if you have equity in your home, do you own some of your home? >> we own a home currently and are trying to upgrade to a bigger home. >> apply for an fha refinance. that's something you can apply for.
9:14 am
if you have equity. only if you have equity. you can apply for another refinance loan which is going to be a primary mortgage but not secondary. >> good question. everyone stand by. we still have much more to come. like whether dipping into your 401(k) will hurt your credit score. and later, giada de laurentiis at home sharoning so some of her favorite recipes. just to get out of bed. ing some of her favorite recipes. to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq. (announcer) pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children, teens and young adults. pristiq is not approved for children under 18.
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9:17 am
our cnbc expert panel today, carmen wong ulrich, sharon epperson, and melissa lee. tamron hall has our questions from our crowd as well. let's get back to it. startingith a viewer e-mail, this comes from pam in ft. lauderdale, florida. she writes, my ex and i are trying to sell what we planned to be our retirement home that we purchased several years ago. we now owe more on the home than it's worth and it needs repairs to sell. we've reduced the asking price more than 30% over the past ten months on the market. we have not missed mortgage payments yet but it is getting difficult for us to keep three households. are there any options available when the property in question isn't our primary residence but still draining our financial security. sharon, does the fact that this is not their primary residence affect their situation or their options? >> there are not a lot of options under the federal programs. these people are probably wondering if they qualify for the home affordable mortgage program and they don't really for most of what's in there. what they need to do is try to sell this house. it's been on the market for ten months.
9:18 am
that's something that really is detrimental in this kind of environment. keep it off the market as long as possible and really just price it to sell. one of the things they may want to consider is try to market this home with a special fha mortgage that allows you to get the mortgage and get money for repair. try to encourage the home buyer to look for this fha 203k type of loan. the other thing to maybe think about is try and talk to their lender about whether or not they'll reduce the monthly payment to the rental income. try to rent it out for as long as they can because they may paf it's in the florida market. the last resort is probably a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. they want to avoid foreclosure. these are two ways to do it, though they are very detrimental to your credit history. definitely as a lart resort. first thing, try to sell that home as quickly as possible. >> dennis in michigan writes -- i've lost my job due to a plant
9:19 am
closure so i went on retirement. i'm only 59. my wife still works. i collect severance pay for a year, then my income will be limited to my pension. tapping my 401(k) since social security is a couple of years away. our credit score is 835. is it going to drop much and what can i do with anything to keep that from happening? we have some debt but not much. melissa, what can dennis do? >> the first thing -- short answer, no, it wouldn't affect your credit score. your 401(k) is your own personal savings account. you tapping your own money doesn't show up, it is not like taking out a loan or using a credit card limit. but keep in mind if you want to borrow money, say you need a new car, that lender will ask for your pay stubs as a method to verify your income and that can show up. tapping in your 401(k) will show up on your pay stub so that could count against new that sense. no, it won't hurt your credit score. but these, do me a favor because you are you a tapping into your 401(k) early, you could be hit with a 10% penalty.
9:20 am
check with your plan, with your employer, to see if there are exemptions out there to pay that penalty. some exemptions may include if you're terminated, which is dennis' case, or if you take early retirement in the year that you turn 55 or later which is also your case, dennis. see if can you get that exemption if you haven't already done so. >> at 59, is he really ready to stop working completely? is there something else that he can be doing so he doesn't happen to tap that 401(k) or take that retirement money early? there is probably something out there he still wants to do. try an get more income. >> hopefully you're healthy and you could be living another 30 years. >> we have a viewer on the phone. kelly from ft. wayne, indiana. go ahead with your question. >> yes, my husband and i have a credit card with about a $20,000 balance on it. i was paying about $350 a month until a recent interest rate change. i'm now paying about $530 a month. i've called to get an interest rate decrease and they said i'm at the lowest available which is
9:21 am
18.99%. i talked to consumer credit counseling and they said that my credit, my payments and my interest rates are all too good to use their services. i also called the credit card hardship department and they say because of my excellent credit history, they could not help me unless i missed a payment or don't make a full payment. we stopped using the credit card about six months ago. i'm wondering if there is anything else i can do to get a lower payment or lower interest rate. >> it sounds like kelly's done almost everything -- >> not. kelly, you still got places to go. i'm going to send you to a couple places. i love that you said you have great credit. you guys have income. you're paying. it is hard to pay but you are paying it. you want to keep paying it but get those interest rates down. head to very popular place right now, your local community banks or a credit union. go and shop around. just go to, shop around in your local area for a community bank or credit union because they will work with you. their rates are usually 20%
9:22 am
lower, interest rates, on average. they have much more less fees for you to have. it is a great place to go to get a loan to consolidate all of these credit cards so you pay less a month. you also have less interest. be very careful. i know you said you stopped using the card six months ago but i wonder why did you use the cards, how did you rack up so much debt? make sure you don't get into debt again. >> carmen wong ulrich and sharon epperson, melissa lee, thank you so much. if you have financial questions, go to and we'll get to as many as we can next week. still to come on "today," traveling solo. some great vacation destinations if you're planning to hit the road alone. but first, these messages. is ready to see you!
9:23 am
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9:25 am
italian cooking. giada shows us some of her all-time favorite recipes. 50 doesn't look like it used to. we have advice so when you hit the big 5-0 you look like 30. so kate you were stressed, a lot of junk food on the go and you were... a little irregular, sluggish. my daughter needed activia! so i gave it a try and wow. it works. now she has a spring on her step. i'm loving it, every morning. mmmm. avo: help get your system back on track. activia with bifidus regularis helps regulate your digestive system would you recommend activia?
9:26 am
i already have. she recommends it. what are you waiting for? singer: activia. it is sunny, but very windy. it's 9:26. police are investigating a terrible turn of violence. four people are dead and hurt after 10 were shot in a crime scene that stretches from the district to prince george's county. it started at 7:30 last night. a crowd sprayed a crowd with bullets. they chased the car where four officers were injured when they crashed into the suspect. the officer are expected to be okay. three were taken into custody. much more on news 4 midday.
9:27 am
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>> welcome. sunshine returned on this wednesday morning. we're into the mid 50s. winds gusting to around 30 miles an hour. these are the latest gusts and they will diminish. lots of sun and high should make it into the upper 60s. wins should go calm and into the mid 40s. sunny tomorrow into the upper 70s and may hit the low 80 oz friday and saturday. morning lows in the 50s and remaining dry sunday. how is the traffic? >> top side of the beltway heavy on the outer loop from new hampshire to georgia. left over volume and lanes are open. downtown 395 remains slow as is
9:29 am
the gw parkway. people are creating a look at the cherry blossoms. >> you can now wake up with us even earlier. we begin now at
9:30 am
you know, you start all of my arguments. >> me? >> yes. >> why? >> your book? "he cheated so now what?" >> okay. >> because i can quote you. >> please! >> in relationships -- >> i do not tk like that. i don't sound like that, do i? >> yes, you do! >> that's janet jackson and some girlfriends talking about guys over a cocktail in a new movie called "why did i get married, too?" coming up, we'll catch up with tyler perry, the man behind the movie, a little later on "today." he's so friggin' talented. coming up, 50 is the new
9:31 am
30 -- did i say the wrong thing? >> no. we were looking at that guy without his shirt. >> whoa. "we"? >> girlfriends doing what we do. so macho. coming up in this half-hour, 50 is the new 30. hitting the mid life doesn't ha to send you into crisis. successful women from madonna, to oprah, to jamie lee curtis have all entered the decade with style. you don't need their money or their designers or trainers. we'll tell you how to turn your 50s into your best decade over. today giada'showing us her favorite recipes. she's making a baked pasta and espresso caramel bars.
9:32 am
giada always looks so beautiful when she's in the kitchen as well. and later, if you just need to get away from it all and take a vacation alone, we'll tell you about great destinations for solo travelers. it is interesting, people talk about working up the courage to do something like that. we're used to being in groups just naturally as humans. but you can take a solo trip -- >> i've done it! i did it in paris after i ditched my friend. but that's another segment on friends. but first, let's get a check on the forecast. meteorologist bill karins. >> we can do a whole scene where we reunite you, get you all together. let's talk about this horrible march we're getting rid of and enjoyable stuff we'll deal with in the future. april is looking really nice in much of the eastern half of the country. today perfect in the middle of the nation. 80s and 70s. 72 today in minneapolis. on the last day of march. that just doesn't happen that often. northeast is getting rid of the
9:33 am
pesky storm still lingering there off the coast. tomorrow, sunshine galore from new england southward, temperatures jump into the 60s, 70s which >> that's a look at your forecast. from your love life to your style to your house, how to live it up like a celebrity after the
9:34 am
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9:38 am
big 5-0 can be scary. but there are ways to make your 50s absolutely fabulous. the author of the book called "the best of everything after 50, the expert's guide to style, sex, health, money and more" is with us. also dr. dale atkins joins us this morning, she's a psychologist. you actually talked to physicians, nutritionists, skin and hair experts, fashion and fitness gurus. all of this trying to look at what are some of the best things that women moving into their 50s can think about to make their lives better. what an opportunity. >> it was a great opportunity for me. i was very nervous when i turned 50. i was really scared, i didn't know what i was getting myself into. i really wanted to be prepared. i think i'm a bit of a girl scout in that respect. so i started to get a lot of information from books and the web side and the like and i was overwhelmed. i think that that happens to a lot of women when they reach this age. i was overwhelmed by this muc
9:39 am
information. i wanted to distill the best of the best information out there. i took it upon myself, went to some of the best experts in all of these fields. >> you got all this great information. >> wonderful information. >> we'll get to that information in just a second dale, i think that i was looking, everywhere you look, everywhere, and what everybody says is always negative about getting older. it is just constant, whether it is in commercials, whatever, magazines, everyone that's the message. and so it is kind of a psychological turn that we have to make. >> it is. one of the things that we have to do as women is to really embrace the fact that we are fabulous and what we need to do is understand that there is a piece of getting older that has to do with mourning. you mourn for that which is no longer. you mourn for that which is lost. and then you embrace that which you still have and you maximize that which you have. it is all about health and it is all about embracing love and friendships and barbara talks about so many issues that have to do with style and really being well and healthy.
9:40 am
but again, you have to fight that which has been given to us subliminally, as well as overtly. we have to say this is not appropriate for . it's not healthy for us and it doesn't matter! >> think about this as a rebirth. we've lived the first century. now we're babies again and we're learning how to live these great years. >> it hearkens back to the other change that we went through -- puberty. we put a different changes that we had to deal with. >> we want to help women understand. you have five life changing things that you learned. they're fundamental. you talk about, you say go for regular medical checkups and screens. that's just a given. >> absolutely. if you don't have good health you really don't have a full life. we want to live a very long, active life. not just be alive. that's a very important point. >> have a basic fitness program. what's the best for women? >> you don't need to spend a lot of money. this is really important in this economy -- on staying fit, buy a
9:41 am
simple pedometer and walk a simple 10,000 steps, do it throughout the day or do a nice five-mile run and get it in all in one shot. >> commit to exercise. you eat differently. >> i do indeed. instead of starving myself to lose the 15 pounds that i had slowly but surely gained recently, i started to eat every two or three hours throughout the day. it kept my metabolism steady and sugar level steady and i'm never hungry and i've lost 15 pounds and kept it off. very easy and simple. >> you've thrown away your blow dryer. >> this is probably the most surprising tip of all. when i went to an expert on hair, i had been for decades blow drying my hair, highlighting it. it looked like road kill by the time i turned 50. what do i do? she said throw away your hair dryer and only shampoo your hr once a week. use conditioner and water. we both found that very surprising. but i have to say it works. my hair feels better, it looks
9:42 am
better. i've let it be what it was meant to be. i no longer fight it. which is another aspect of being 50. don't fight who you are. don't fight being 50. be the best 50 you can be. you're not 30. don't try to look 30. >> the idea is to really embrace who you are and understand that as we get older, there's so much that we incorporate from our life experience. what we know about women who get older and who age well, men and women but particularly women, is that they are wiser and they understand that their life experience is that which they can share and they find an internal happiness if they not only run -- because not everybody can run, but they do cardio and they do the stretching, they do a mindful practice of going inside and they keep weigh in their life. they have to keep -- they don't want to weigh themselves down with people who are not good for them but they lift weights -- >> absolutely. >> what they need to do is more curious, they are passionate about something, they have relationships of meaning and they do something that you talk
9:43 am
about in your book, about shedding -- you let go of that which you no longer need. when you do that, you go to your essence and you go forward looking towards a life that is filled with love and with passion and with excitement and energy. >> and connection. to that point, one of the most important points i learned was engage with other women, engage with other women, join facebook. join me on facebook. >> you heard it here, barbara. >> and don't wait until you're 65 to become a member of aarp. i have to point that out. you can get wonderful benefits and engage in that whole community. 40 million members. >> you talk about friendship. the issue of connection and friendship, people who age well are connected with other people. of all ages. it's not just your peers. >> i'm so sorry that we've run out of time because obviously we've just gotten started. you're saying basically it is time for us to take care of ourselves. thank you. coming up next, a pasta
9:44 am
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9:48 am
contributor is here with her favorite things. your most favorite of them all -- in surprise, a pasta dish. >> pa za ponza. >> it is an island off the coast of italy, a place i've visited a few times with my aunt. a friend of ours made this fantastic pasta dish. yes, obviously i like pasta. i think it is because of the simple ingredients that are in this dish and also the memories that it brings back. that's why we love the food that we love. we're going t start with some cherry tomatoes. i'm doing two different colors. >> do they taste different? >> i think that the ylow ones are a little bit milder. reds are a little bit sweeter. a little bit of capers. nice and tangy. a little bit of salt. or a so the of salt. whatever. a little bit of olive oil. a little pepper, too.
9:49 am
basically, you mix this all together. very simple. >> it looks so pretty already. >> see? that's what i think makes people fall in love with food. i top with some store-bought italian-seasons breadcrumbs. you don't have to make these yourselves. >> i like the store-bought variety. >> i do as well for this, because they are nice and dry. it is perfect. a little olive oil on top, bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. >> wow, that is easy enough. >> then it looks like that. it's nice and golden brown on top, really yummy. what happens is, at this point it is cooled. i put it all into a bowl. this is how easy this is. okay? put this whole thing into a bowl. amy? >> yes. >> you are going to toss. >> okay. >> with the pasta. i like a short pasta for this. i think it is much easier to eat. and just go ahead and toss it all together. then we add a little bit of
9:50 am
peccarino cheese. >> what's the difference between this kind of cheese and parmesan? >> this is spicier. it is not aged as long so it has more of a bite. then i'll add some parsley. add little olive oil. >> always add more olive oil. >> but see how colorful it is? >> wow! was that fresh parsley or dried? >> no, that was fresh. that's it. that's the whole dish. >> the cheese wafting through there is amazing! >> the heat of the pasta just warms up the cheese. you can come with us. now i've got this bays. smoothie which i know tamron -- >> i've been trying to try this. >> this is what happens. about a cup of fresh basil. i like this in the morning for breakfast if i'm on the run. or you can have it as a brunch item for easter, with eggs, whatever. then we have a little bit of simple syrup. lemon simple syrup.
9:51 am
>> lemon, sugar and -- >> lemon, sugar, water and lemon zest. yogurt and ice. tamron, you mix this all together. okay? put the lid on and go for it. >> i'll be the taster. >> you be the taster right here. >> this is a fancy brand. >> that is great. that would be great as an after-dinner drink, too. add a little something-something there. just sayin'. >> giada, you may want to help with this. soy about that. >> here we go. >> that's really good. >> that's it. >> we want o quickly get to the dessert we've all been eyeing. all morning long. >> now this is a very decadent dessert. as tamron knows, she's already tasted it. so have many people on the crew. it is a layer of cinnamon graham cracker crust, caramel and chocolate. >> sometimes calories are just
9:52 am
worth it. >> thank you. the new cookbook is "giada at home" and the recipe's on this is one of the most amazing things i've ever tasted in my life.
9:53 am
9:54 am
around giada, we always have our priorities. food first. but we also have to say that -- >> wine! >> we're looking for today's top dog. if your pooch is a canine with character, send us a video for the chance as "today's top dog." check out >> hoda and kathie lee are here. you guys aren't eating. >> well, we don't want to be bloated. tyler perry is coming on our show. we are excited! >> tyler perry.
9:55 am
you guys had him on earlier. he's in the movie "why did i get married 2." we'll also talk about a sober topic, going on vacation solo. >> sad. >> and easter brunch. we're very busy.
9:56 am
9:57 am
it's 9:56 on this march 31st, 2010. we are learning nine people shot and four people were killed in a crime spree that stretches from d.c. to prince georges. it began around 7:30 in the 4000 block of south capitol street. a car sprayed bullets into the crowd. men and women's bodies piled up and a female victim is among the ad. one of the wounded is said to be on the edge of death. >> i don't have a memory of this many people being st at one time. >> police chased the suspect's car into oxen hill and crashed into it and four officers were injured. three suspects are in custody. these numbers are changing as we
9:58 am
find out how many have died and are hospitalized and we will have continuing coverage throughout the morning. let's go to tom for a check of the weather. >> sunshine has returned and temperatures are warming up and should hit the 60s with lots of sun. a wind has been gusting near 30 will diminish. how is the traffic? >> 270 southbound very slow. road work in place of a left lane below montgomery. volume on 395 with a broken down car cleared. >> you with now wake up with if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game
9:59 am
due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple mines could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time.
10:00 am
i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. hey, everybody. it is winesday, march 31st. we are so delighted you're here with us today. i think we're going to see the sunshine come out at some point today. >> this morning when i left i thought it was going to be -- i thought the rain was going to be ended. and it didn't. >> how is your living room? >> it's still moist. >> we're going to have a huge announcement to make on that
10:01 am
subject. >> we are. >> but we feel for everybody. because the whole northeast has been deluged. it's like people are building arks. >> rhode island is really, really hit badly. and massachusetts. >> and so is connecticut. >> it's all been bad. >> we just thought that there's a new study that came out that basically said that -- i can't believe this. >> what? >> that it's gd to have wine first thing in the morning. >> in the morning. that's what it says. >> i don't usually start till 10:00, but that's -- if they say it's good for me. and look who's getting into the wine business, hoda. >> this is shocking. you guys have heard of hello kitty. hello kitty makes a bunch of different products. apparently now they've branched out into the wine division. that's controversial for many because hello kitty is for kiddies, supposedly. children. >> children. this is called the pink -- sweet pink. that's like a sparkling wine. >> did you try it? have you tried yours? >> i've had it. it's called research. >> is it expensive? >> it's -- i don't know how
10:02 am
expensive it is. $32.99. it's a 1999. the hello kitty brand is 35 years old. >> there are some grown-ups who like hello kitty. >> i asked you that this morning. i said, what kind of an adult still is crazy about hello kitty. y >> you know what i said? >> bobbie thomas. >> she loves her hello kitty. >> she's crazy about it. that's our present for her. >> we'll have to give bobbie some of that. >> who did the research about the wine? >> i think it was "esquire" magazine. >> party animals over there. >> in this mug is the wine. >> imagine that. >> in this one is the regular -- >> the tea. >> don't get the two confused. i have another thing to toast today. >> okay. >> that is one of my favorite people in my planet. it is his 88th birthday today. james neederlander sr. 88 years old. down in palm beach.
10:03 am
jimmy, i wish i could be with you. hoda needs more more than you do. he's having a big party inalm beach. i send my love to him. >> you did a special with him. >> the "today" show picked a person that have been a mentor or tremendously had an impact on our life. i said jimmy. the other person i would have chosen, she's coming on to be with us soon. carol burnett. she wrote a book. >> i'm dying to read the book. >> i finished it like that. frank just finished it. he loved it. he was laughing in the other room. it's a great book. >> if you're feeling a little bloated this morning and some people are, we might have a solution for you. >> what? >> it's a garment that works kind of like spanx work. it sucks you in. it is called -- what is it called? >> it's called the -- >> tummy tamer dress. this is nastia before. she's one of our workers her at the "today" show. she works very hard.
10:04 am
now she has the tummy tamer dress that is sold at british grocery stores. put your hands on your hips. look at you! first of all, girl, how does it feel? >> it feels really good. i can do squats. >> let me see the squats. she can do squats. >> turn sideways. >> look at that. >> you look so good. >> is it all through the garment? >> it starts right here and goes all the way down to right above your knee. >> it takes 25 pounds off you. does it feel like that? >> it does? >> the look of 25. if only. >> and it retails for about $40. it's comfy. feels kind of like spanx. >> it's a grocery store or something in eng lanland. if you go to walmart you can buy anything. that dress and a lawn mower. one stop shopping. it's a subsidiary of walmart. i didn't know that. >> you buy the dress for $19 or
10:05 am
the undergarment? the whole thing? >> it's built in, hoda. >> that's a $40 dress she's wearing. >> $38. >> most people pay tax, tammy. aren't you pregnant? shouldn't you be sitting it down and taking it easy? should not be yelling and getting your heart rate up. >> it was 25 pounds like english money. >> now you're all smarty pants over there. >> i don't think you're miked. sit down and behave yourself. >> on to something much sadder than all of this. thank you. >> thanks, nastia. >> just when you think in either case either tiger's situation or jesse james' situation, you just think you've hit bottom. it cannot get worse. in both situations today, it's worse. >> i opened up the paper today. there was a picture of jesse james that has just come out. we'd heard rumors this photo was going to come out. it's him wearing a hitler cap. >> yeah.
10:06 am
>> and making the sign. >> the sash and the hail hitler arm thing. >> anyway, that picture just came out. he supposedly is going into the sex rehab camp the same way that tiger woods did. >> different place. but for the same problem. >> same idea. >> but apparently he was driving there on his way from l.a., and i guess it's in tucson, and he was stopped because he didn't have a license plate on in the front of his vehicle. and when the cop tried to check -- ask him why not he said, please, i've got to go save my marriage. i'm on my way to tucson. >> the police officer let him go. >> police are going to hear that a lot these days. i'm looking at tyler perry. why do i feel like god's looking at me? >> by the way, this guy, i know you know him big time. he isuch a rock star. we love how -- i can see you now. i love how tyler did it. how he made it. he worked so hard that finally, all of the big newspapers had to take notice. >> they couldn't ignor him
10:07 am
anymore. >> he was a gazillionaire. >> he tapped into such a niche marketing thing it's being ignored by the so-called brilliant people in our industry that didn't see that people were hungry for that kind of thing. he always has a tremendous moral. even while you're laughing yourself sick or crying. you're realizing he's trying to convey a very serious moral message without preaching at you. there's always some redemption in every one of his movies. >> things cross racial lines. if the story is a good story, people want to go. i think that's something that hollywood has to sort of pay attention to. there aren't always black movies and white movies. they're movies that people enjoy. >> i've never met him before. i'm looking so forward to it. he is sort of like a spiritual presence in the room. >> yes, he is. we're very intimidated. >> does he know we're drinking hello kitty wine? it was the first miracle, right? >> first miracle. >> there's a new -- >> and then the tiger thing. >> there's a new "vanity fair"
10:08 am
out. in it the women, tiger's mistresses. >> a couple of them. >> are posing in very provocative ways in the magazine. that is the woman who works at perkin's. >> the pancake store. yeah. what? what are you laughing about? >> i was just thinking that these -- >> how come we can show that one? i mean, my gosh. >> there's one that they had to fuzz. is the next one coming? >> don't say fuzz. just blur. >> they put a black strip the women are posing this way. they're talking about some of the conversations they had with tiger. they call him cheap. he didn't buy them meals. >> that's the nicest thing that's said. we're helping them sell a lot of "vanity fair"s right now. >> i think they're going to sell it anyway. >> that's what they want is for us to talk about it. i don't like to see these women rewarded for their bad behavior. the fact they feel betrayed by him -- >> that's the biggest joke of all. of all time. the people who are upset because he was cheating with someone else in addition to them. >> i thought i was the only
10:09 am
other one. >> you know what? that's sick. anywho. >> we're perfect and life is good. what's up, sara haines? >> amy says sounds like jesse james is a brother from a different mother. sorry for the wife that didn't deserve this. in regard to the tummy tucking dress, robin says bring it on. it's cheaper than a tummy tuck. celia says i'd buy it in a size small to pinch more than an inch. >> remember you have to breathe in these things. >> only for a period of time. >> tremendous problems breathing. you know what happens when that happens. >> a lot of trouble. up next, the all around talented tyler perry. >> why he got married 2. right after this. that's why we're making it easier for everyone to find allergy solutions. by offering products like new zyrtec® liquid gels. zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine, is now available in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work on your worst symptoms... indoors and out. you'll also get the expert advice of your walgreens pharmacist.
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it cleans better than a broom or your money back. [ slurping ] ♪ since the 2005 debut of his first feature iary of a mad black woman" tyler perry's eight films have raked in over $400 million at the box office. >> his new film, tyler perry's
10:13 am
"why did i get married 2" is a sequel reunites college friends who get together every year to answer that question. they do it in the beautiful bahamas. it is all not paradise. >> it sure isn't. welcome to our show. >> we're thrilled you're here. this first movie was a big hit. did you know right away you wanted to make a sequel? >> no. i wanted to listen to the characters and see if there was anything else they wanted to say. i think the reaction from people like this helped save my marriage, the first one, or i was going through this and the first one we talked about writing things down and working your way through the good and the bad. which worked for a lot of people. i said, okay, maybe i'll revisit this movie. i'm really happy to have that opportunity to. >> there were a lot of relationships left. you wondered. things that transpired in the first one. you sort of do. when you fall in love with characters you do like to see where the next step might take them. janet jackson has quite the part in this one. she was supposedly the one in the first one that kept it all
10:14 am
together. major unraveling in this one. >> that was the first one, we were feeling each other out. trying to see, do we really -- are we going to be able to work together? ended up loving each other. so this one she's like, let's go for it. let's go for broke. her character really goes through a lot things. a lot of emotions. she's held on to so much stuff when she finally breaks, it really breaks. >> yeah. which happens to people that have the facade of perfection in their life. >> sure. nobody's perfect. nobody's perfe. >> except for -- >> yeah. >> when you take a step back and you look at what has happened in your career, i remember all these movies were doing sowell. i paged the papers, i was like why are they talking about tyler perry's movie? it took you making so much money before it seems the big papers took notice of you. >> it's okay. because the people that i'm speaking to, they get it. they love it. right now i'm on tour. 18,000 people in an arena sold out in birmingham with the new madea play. it's the people who understand
10:15 am
it. not just black people. it's people who are in need or who are searching or just want to laugh, want a good message. they're finding me. that's what's really great about it. it doesn't really matter if the big papers come along. >> aren't people the same? you come through the skin, everything's the same. >> that's what i'm finding out about my story telling. i'm really shocked to see how many people who are black who really can relate and understand. that's really great for me. >> we want you to write a movie about two white straight chicks. sometimes we feel like we're the last two in the world. i'm not sure about her. >> how great is that? >> you used that line already. >> it works every time. >> tell me about precious. you got involved with "precious." what was it about that movie that attracted you? >> seeing my life played out before me, i was like, wow, this is unbelievable. >> you were precious you were the girl? >> yeah. definitely my father. to this day.
10:16 am
i called oprah, you've got to see this. they had done a movie. they thought it was going to go straight to dvd. i said, no, let's try to get it out to people. i used what i've been given, my blessings, to be able to help. we got together and made it work. >> what kept you going? i love your early story. i know you didn't have any money. you slept in your geo and all that stuff. what sustained you and kept you fighting for your dream when you were out of money, out of cash, out of everything? >> it all goes back to one thing for me. this gets eliminated from a lot of things. it's my faith in god. i would get these flashes of light and calming coming over me saying everything's going to be okay. just keep moving. that's what i tell anybody. as you're going through, it's really difficult, every step forward is a step out. just keep moving. that's what happened for me. >> we wish you the best of luck with this movie. >> you're one of the great success stories. redemption. i'm a sucker for all that. especially during holy week. bless you. enjoy the movie. >> thank you, tyler. >> catch tyler perry's "why did i get married 2" in a theater this friday. up next, whether you're
10:17 am
married or not, the best places to travel alone. >> so sad. >> after this. before adulthood... it's so important that they get enough calcium every day. that's why there's new danonino. danonino! unlike leading kids yogurts, danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, with vitamin d. so it's power packed for healthy growth. and its rich creamy taste is... yummy! so they can start building strong bones today... for stronger bodies tomorrow. new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow.
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10:20 am
do. "self" magazine is here along with lonely planet's robert reef. i bet he's not that lonely. welcome to both of you. >> some people when it comes to traveling alone they do feel a little insecure. >> intimidated. >> eating meals, who would i meet, what would i do. >> safety issues. >> of course, right. safety is going to be a big concern. especially if you're a woman traveling alone. there are a number of precautions you can take before you go and while you get there so you can put your mind at ease. for example, you're going to want to give your itinerary to a trusted person at home. in addition to emergency contact information. and then you're going to want to check in with them every so many days. you can go to to check out where you can find local internet access in the area. so you can check in. you can also research the destination you're gng to. that's really important. you're going to want to look into the culture of the country you're traveling to. so how women are treated in that country. and you're going to want to take that into account. >> there are benefits. by traveling alone, you can
10:21 am
really recharge your batteries without having to spend all your time giving to everyone else. >> make your own itinerary. >> there are so many benefits to traveling in general, healthy benefits. especially to traveling alone. it's going to be an empowering experience. it's going to be rewarding. the majority of women we polled said that the reason they want to travel alone is because of the freedom that comes with it. you're not at the titethered to people's agendas or itineraries. >> i think for a couple days it's good. once you tip into the third day, i think it gets kind of dull, personally. that's me. >> you're only fascinating to yourself for two days? >> i get bored. i want to have conversations with people. >> there are so many opportunities for you to meet people when you're on the road. >> if you're in the mood. >> it's one of the great secrets of travel, really. everyone should do this at least once in their life. look at it as a must-see destination. solo travel. it is empowering. i've seen many, many women out there that are traveling
10:22 am
themselves. i spent a year on the road in the last five years. people do that, and they meet people. after that second day, third day, if you go to the right places, you make friends. >> give us a good hot spot. where should we go? >> cities are big. go to a city like berlin. berlin has -- >> i hear such great things about berlin. >> it's wonderful. there's so many things happening, you cannot be bored there. people don't like to go into restaurants. you can just walk on a walking tour. there's a gourmet walking tour. you n meet friends that way. there's beaches set up in central berlin right by the old wall. you can sit there and hang out all day and meet people. >> what's another good one? >> buenos aires. if you like to dance, that's where tango is from. >> if there's palm trees, i'm there. >> one of the great things about going to a city by yourself is that it's like you have a v.i.p. pass. you can get into the hottest restaurants because you're a party of one. a front row seat to a theater
10:23 am
show. >> i would think i wouldn't want -- i could see the theater. i couldn't see they'd want to give a table to one person. that surprises me. >> do you want a magazine? remember that? >> you can always bring a book with you to make you feel more comfortable. >> there are a couple -- costa rica? >> costa rica is great if you want something a little more adventurous. there's all kinds of things people can do en more than they think they can. >> my husband and son went together to costa rica. >> i went there. i loved it. >> the surfing is fabulous. >> the surfing actually is a little bit of a single scene, depending on what you're looking for. >> if frank and cody were there, not good news for me. >> most people go on those singles vacations because they want to meet someone, truthfully? >> i can't speak for myself. some people do. there's a possibility. at the same time you can go to costa rica and there'sal all women's surfing lessons you can do. yoga retreats. it's not just about that. >> where's this with the elephants? >> is that in africa? >> where was the elephant? >> i'm not sure where that is. that's a costa rica -- >> that is an elephant, too.
10:24 am
you know the old saying. >> california is a good place to hit, too. >> california is great if you're wanting to self reflect. a lot of people go to spa resort trips. one place people don't think about is yosemite. you don't have to sacrifice comfort if you stay at the yuany hotel. they have tours you can do with wines. all women's rock climbing packages there. free art classes. >> don't drink before you go rock climbing, please. >> it's not safe. >> drink afterwards. you'll probably want to. >> thank you both ve, very much. >> good advice. still to come -- >> we are creating the right color pallette for your palace. >> then straight into the kitchen for easter brunch. first your local news. to be good, tempting treats can be wicked. no thanks, i'm good. new special k fruit crisps.
10:25 am
with two crispy bars for 100 fruity calories... it's the delicious, new way to stay on track. now, being good's a cinch. with new special k fruit crisps. should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with new wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway (announcer) wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer can your moisturizer do that? dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula... now proven to build a moisture reserve... so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. save at
10:26 am
coming up today at midday. >> live team coverage of a mass shooting in the district of the four are dead and five are injured. how the community is reacting. also coming up on midday, how do you know if your child has adhd. 5% have the disorder. how to figure out if your children have the disorder. our showñq
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back on this wednesday with our "who knew?" quiz show. in the middle of holy week we thought we'd test your knowledge on the holidays. editor of "real simple" is here. kathie lee is ready to hand out $100 to those who answer the questions correctly. and to those who don't, they get kathie lee's popular cd. are you ready? >> i m. >> how do you think the folks are going to do? >> i think they're going to do great. it is easter, after all. >> across the street to kath.
10:31 am
>> a mom and daughter from jacksonville, florida. passover celebrates which ancient event. the jewish exodus from egypt, creation of ten commandments, fall of -- or none of the above. >> i think a. >> mother didn't think so. you are right, honey! >> yes, indeed. all right. the daughter was right. the jewish exodus from egypt. >> yes. passover celebrates the jewish people's triumph over oppression. it celebrates the beginning of the jewish slaves' journey from egypt to israel. last eight days. >> the mom might have learned something. back across to kath. >> sorry. it's crowded over here. very hot. okay. they're visiting from copenhagen, denmark. welcome. passover celebrates -- this one's yours. sorry. see what you people have done to me? all right. here we go. are you ready?
10:32 am
>> yeah. >> all right. according to guinness world records, how many eggs were searched for at the largest easter egg hunt? this isn't fair to ask you from denmark. 200,500, 501,000, 5 million or 5.6 million. >> 5.6. >> no. that's -- wrong, hon. sorry. you are going to love -- it's in english, but you're going to love it. >> the correct answer, 501,000 easter eggs. where was this. >> this was at cypress gardens in florida on april 1st, 2007. nearly 10,000 kids and their parents hunted for 501,000 candy filled plastic easter eggs. >> how hard are they to find? they're sitting right there. >> honestly it took them less than an hour to find all the eggs. >> back across to kath. >> a beautiful large family from salt lake city. in the united states, how many cards will be sent for easter. 10 million, 35 million, 63 million or 98 million?
10:33 am
>> a. >> somebody pick. >> a. >> wrong pick, daddy. but, again, what a fabulous cd. >> all right. the correct answer actually 63 million. that's a lot of easter cards. that's correct. easter is the fifth largest card sending holiday behind christmas, valentine's day, mother's day and father's day. this year americans will spend about $6 on greeting cards for easter and $17 on candy. you can see where people's priorities lie. $17 per person on candy, $6 on cards. >> back acros to kath. >> all right. they're all visiting from northern virginia. true or false. the jewish population of the united states is greater than that of israel. >> what do you think? >> true. >> you're right. good for you. that won't go far in new york. >> the answer there is true. i did know that one. >> that is correct. there are 5.5 million jewish people in israel.
10:34 am
there are 6.5 million in the u.s. and together they comprise about 70% of the jewish population. >> well, okay. back across to kath. >> wisconsin, beautiful young la. true or false. more chocolate candy will be sold during easter week than during any other week of the year. >> true? >> true? >> what about valentine's day. but you're going to love, love, love this cd. >> boy, that cd is s popular today. what is the number one holiday for chocolate. >> well, it's halloween. >> halloween. >> there is more candy sold during halloween week. not by much. so last year there was $2.2 billion worth of halloween candy sold during that week. >> billion with a "b"? >> 600 million pounds of halloween candy sold. at easter, $1.9 billion. to put that into perspective, that's 90 million chocolate easter egg bunnies that were sold. >> that's astonishing. back across to kath. >> okay.
10:35 am
from all over the south, too numerous to mention. how long is the shelf life for original peeps, the marsh mellow filled candy bunny tree. six months, one year, two years or five years? it's birthday girl. you answer. >> two years? >> birthday girl is right. >> wow. all right. so a peep can sit on the shelf for two years and you can still eat it? >> two years seems like a really long time. especially when you consider how many peeps are in existence. there are 5 million peeps made every single day. it takes six minutes to make each one of them. >> they have to be in plastic to last two years, i would guess. >> they do. >> that is still -- nasty. back across to kath. >> very little time. the passover seder plate does not typically include which of the following items. hard boiled egg, salt ricoapric. for the kathie lee cd, pick one. >> horse radish.
10:36 am
>> wrong. you're going to love it. >> i think we gave away more cds in this round than she's sold in a long time. >> people are going to be really happy. there's going to be a lot of dancing in the streets. >> the correct answer here is dried apricots for those who don't know, right? >> that is right. there are six items on a seder plate that represent the story telling of the exodus to egypt. actually horse radish represents the bitter herbs, the bitterness and suffering the jewish slaves felt. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> kathie lee is going to come back across the street. up next, we're going to tell you how to color your world happy and other decorating ideas, right after this. vo: at the olive garden cooking school in tuscany,
10:37 am
our chefs learn secrets of italian cooking. like how to blend four artisanal cheeses to create our new creamy fonduta sauce. in our new steak fonduta and grilled chicken fonduta. at olive garden. sweet n' sour filled twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. love to see kids' spirits shine. superstar and mom, martina mcbride and sunny d ♪ sunny taste. sunny spirit. sunny d. brings out the best in kids. ♪ sunny d
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♪ [ female announcer ] these cookies aren't magic, but they make magic happen. that's because glad has partnered with cookies for kids' cancer. it's small bake sales like these that help raise big money for pediatric cancer research. together, we can make a difference... one container at a time. because with glad, the care that goes in is the care that comes out. ♪ to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm.
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it's time for "today's" home lesson and surrounding yourself with the perfect combination of colors. >> that's right, hoda woman. here with professional help is "in style" magazine's deputy managing editor. we're delighted to see you. >> i'm so glad you brought color in. we've had such a dreary few days. >> with all this rain, this is sump a ni such a nice, cheery segment. >> bright colors pop a room. >> you want to find something that talks to you emotionally. you're going to live with this color for a long time. you won't go wrong if you pick something that makes you feel happy por caor calm or energize >> nothing happier than yellow. >> this is three color combinations that we at "in style" are loving this season.
10:41 am
the first is turquoise and yellow. they work together because they are both such happy, bright, cheery colors. we have great accessories. this pillow is so cute. $25. we have a crate and barrel lamp and jonathan adler frame with friends inside. >> look at that! >> you got to have a picture of hoda in every home. >> yes, you do. eggplant and green? >> so nature is a great place to look for color combinations. so if you think of an african violent, the deep purple flower and the green, that's what you have here. these are both also secondary. >> i did a living room in that one year. it was gorgeous. >> it's just a modern chic color combination. >> that looks beautiful. >> this one is more sophistited. this is cool blues with silver. and these work together both because they are both sophisticated colors and they're both cool colors. >> ralph lauren uses that palette a lot. >> beautiful. it's beautiful. >> this is a very bold statement we're making right here, ms. lisa. >> color is a great way to add
10:42 am
personality into your home. these are two sort of quirky ideas. we don't suggest you use them together. they're two separate ideas. first is to mismatch curtains. people expect pair. when you disrupt pairs you create visual interest. stick with colors that are harmonious like pink and yellow. you don't want it to be too close together so it looks like you ran out of fabric and made a mistake. they're both happy, warm colors. the next idea so to mismatch chairs around a neutral table. to make this work you want to make sure the chairs are all sort of in the same family of color. they should all be pastel or all primary. in this case they're these dusty color. all mismatch the styles and the colors of chairs. again, staying in the same family of colors. then with the style yowant to just go from the same era. like all '60s chair. it doesn't look like you just rummaged around your garage. >> how do you know if you're going too far? >> your friends will let you
10:43 am
know. >> they'll tell you? >> that's true. also, it's your home. if it makes you feel happy, then it's right. >> lead us through here and show us what's happening this way. >> here we've put it all together for you. >> okay. >> and when you're putting together a room, you want to start with a focal point. in this case we chose the wallpaper. wallpapering or painting one wall is really a way to get color into a room. a bold moment of color. what's really interesting about this wallpaper is its self-adhesive. really easy to put up and really easy to take down. big impact, little commitment. >> you better make sure you love it. you're going to live with it for a while. >> yeah. it's inexpensive. $85 a roll. >> what about the print with that print lamp shade? >> it's bit much for me. >> they're both natural prints. they both have -- there's a symmetry in the way they look. there's a little bit of cohesion. we built the palette from this teal color. picked up blues and greens.
10:44 am
we went across the color wheel to the pink/red area and added a little -- a few pops of color. you want to keep your chairs, your big pieces, neutral. because it's easier to change carpets and accessories. not so easy to change -- >> if you don't like the end results you can always start pulling one or two things away and look at it again. the best thing you can do, too, look at your room from every angle. every room flows into the next room. >> you can look through a room and see the walls in the next room. they should complement what's happening. >> you know what barbra streisand does? looks to see what's outside so the room complements nature as well. >> exhausting. >> i'm exhausted telling you about it. thank you, lisa. coming up next, now that the decorations are finished, it's time to head into the kitchen
10:45 am
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♪ we're in "today's" kitchen and we're getting saucy with chef melissa. >> she's the host of the food network's $10 dinners. she's no stranger to putting together food and inexpensive holiday brunch. i'm not trying to correct you. >> this is the woman who's dearabian. >> that's her name. >> it's d apostrophe a. it's a natural mistake. >> when we moved to the u.s. we changed it to dearabian because not everyone has -- there you go. >> you're a sweetheart. thank you for that. >> we like you. >> what are you cooking for us. >> thank you for having me. today i am making up a crispy potato cake which is going to be perfect for your easter table. take a nice russet potato, the
10:50 am
cheapest potato you can buy. >> gold potatoes not for this? >> not for this. >> they're very starchy and sticky. >> i love those. >> yukons are a little waxier. they're in between. if you want to go with the russet, super cheap. it's going to give you the starch to make your potato kick. shred it up and put it in a pan like this. this couldn't be easier. >> why is it pink? >> you want to work quickly when you're working with potatoes because it oxidizes from the air. this happens in minutes. no problem. you're going to cook it. if it gets oxidized, you won't see it once it's cooked. >> all right. >> a little butter and vegetable oil. this iit. >> that's it? >> press it in here. that's exactly right. try to press it in -- >> you do want to get it equally. >> exactly right. press it in so you get the starch that's going to make the cake. i actually made these for my twins when they were little. you know what? i did.
10:51 am
look. this is a clean task. >> so this is it after it's cooked? >> yes. after about eight minutes or so it will be cooked on one side. you want it to be nice and crispy. you don't want to disturb it once you press it down. >> you just want to leave it there. >> you can do the julia child flip. or you can just do this. >> nobody trusts me. do it. let's see you flip it. no. i don't know how to do that. >> one hand on here. one hand on here. and there you go. how is that for easy? >> perfect. you only cook it on the one side? you cook it on the other side, too? >> it's going back in. another seven or eight minutes on this side so it will get nice and crispy. look what we're doing here. we're taking some sunny side up eggs. i'm going to slide it right on top. that's going to make a perfect easter brunch. and this whole thing was, like, 60 cents. >> that's more than one person. >> this is actually for two
10:52 am
people. you don't eat carbs, right? >> i do. >> very little. >> i don't eat sweets or bread. >> perfect. great. you can always use a bigger pan. and use two potatoes. it will be like a buck and it will feed four people. there you go. a little parsley on the top. let's give this a try. >> thank you. she's had it before. >> oh, yeah get the yolk. that's the fun part. what's great about this is it's elegant enough for a dinner party. but it's also really great for kids. you know -- >> for brunch it's perfect. >> brunch, it's perfect. it's inexpensive. >> we just have a minute. >> fantastic. >> it's perfect. here i've got some roasted asparagus. have you ever roasted asparagus before? >> i have not. >> that is what you need to do. >> i'm going to have another bite. this is delicious. >> you'll get a super sweet flavor on your roasted asparagus. >> that's delicis. >> isn't it a whole different
10:53 am
fare? >> did you try that, kath? >> just make a simple vinegarette with dijonne, olive oil. >> what is this? >> chocolate french toast. i'm tell ing you, this is the one that on my facebook fans, this is the big hot dish. oh, yeah. they love it. >> what's your website? >> n also on your website. >> you are adorable. >> i call her chef melissa. we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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10:56 am
cheers, everybody. tomorrow, we have actress holly robinson pete.
10:57 am
she's going to stop by with her daughter to talk about something a lot of people can relate to. >> "everyone has a story." one of my writing partners going to sing for us. brilliant singer. we're going tshow you how to create those beautiful cup cakes. >> cup cake lady. >> have an awesome winesday. >> and tomorrow is thursday. >> yes, it is. >> yay, cheers.
10:58 am
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